How much does your face cost?

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  • Tamara

    Given your love for all brands luxe, that number doesn’t shock me at all.. LOL!

    I live vicariously through your luxury makeup. <3

    • meredith

      @Tamara you need to do this tag.

  • care (@CareJustCares)

    Hi there M! As Tamara said I am not surprised … ! lol … That said … I think if you don’t mind, I might do this tag in a different way … yes the initial “startup” cost is or can be deep .. however if you were to ratio it out in usage .. well .. it really works out to cents per day .. Re Canada not having access to inexpensive makeup … in BC (and now Sask) in fact, we do. You can purchase ELF at many $1 stores, or at Winners (they always have ELF). Alternatively, you can also purchase Jordana, Essence, Jane, LA Colours .. all at the $1 store (I think Essence may be exclusively at Shoppers Drug Mart). Personally I’m not going to do the $20 tag simply because I just don’t want to! hahaha … as for the other … I have a list of tags to catch up on including the hobby tag .. and several videos to do today … I’m thoroughly enjoying your blog btw! oxoxo Care

    • meredith

      @Care you know, when I did the video, a girl who has a channel called Ididmyface did what you suggested. She called it “husband math”
      I do recognize that makeup is not a one time use thing and thank goodness for that. I think it was more (for me) about bringing awareness to what I am spending. But I would certainly love to see your spin! Go for it!