Beauty Unveiled-Marcelle & Annabelle dazzle me with Autumn 2012 offerings-Meredith’s MUST HAVES!

Marcelle and Annabelle Cosmetics recently held the Beauty Unveiling event at the beautiful and trendy Andrew Richards design loft in Toronto.  I had a chance to check out their new products for Autumn 2012!

Since I arrived a tad early, I decided to take some photos before the crowds!  This post is quite pic heavy-that’s  your first and only *warning.*

The new BB products from Annabelle

 BB Cream Multi-Action Beauty Balm SPF 15: This all-in-one miracle solution is much more
natural for the skin than a foundation. It constitutes a novel fusion of makeup and skin care that
perfects, brightens, primes, hydrates and protects the skin. In addition to concealing
imperfections and signs of fatigue with its Soft Focus microspheres, this balm tones and firms
the epidermis, helps absorb excess sebum and controls shine.

BB Compact Makeup: This lightweight, satiny powder foundation glides over the skin to assure
a radiant skin tone and flawless finish, day after day. Furnished with a double-sided sponge, the
BB Compact Makeup allows you to vary the coverage from light to moderate, depending on the

BB Skin Perfect Corrector: This secret weapon camouflages imperfections and leaves the skin
looking stunningly radiant, thanks to its Soft Focus light-diffusing pigments.

BB Skin Retouch Crayon: This double-ended crayon instantly erases fine lines and signs of
fatigue, and leaves the skin visibly refreshed and even. It is suffused with hydrating, calming and
soothing ingredients that all act to revitalize the skin. An essential for the morning-after!

Annabelle Twist Up retractable lipstick crayon

TwistUp Retractable Lipstick Crayon:  a high precision, ultra practical lipstick crayon available in 12 colours. TwistUp provides a hydrating formula that is enriched with grapeseed oil and Shea butter-ingredients widely known for their restorative properties.

new shades of Annabelle single eyeshadows


Marcelle eyeshadow quads (the monochrome quads are a MUST! Don't leave the drugstore without them)

Come out of the shade! Marcelle unveils its all-new eyeshadows, for a total of 72 shades with
which you can colour your world! These quads of rich shades offer long-lasting, excellent colour
pay-off. Paraben-free and ophthalmologist tested, they come in a chic black compact with two
applicators. You can choose from among nine assortments of complementary colour quads and
nine assortments of monochromatic quads, the latter of which offer one shade in a variety of
tones and finishes from matte to glamorous shimmer. Everything you need to be beautiful,
without a lot of fuss!

Marcelle BB cream to powder-another MUST!

BB Cream-to-Powder: The BB Cream-to-Powder is the perfect extension to Marcelle’s top line
of skin enhancers. The formula’s initially creamy texture transforms into a silky powder finish as
you apply it to the face. Packaged in the form of a compact with a mirror and sponge, it is ideal
for touch-ups throughout the day. What’s more, it offers BB 8-in-1 multi-benefits! Like the
Marcelle BB Cream, it is available in two shades with self-adjusting pigments and is suitable for
all ages and skin types.

Marcelle's *new* anti-aging BB cream (pictured with original Marcelle BB cream)

In February, Marcelle launched the first ever BB Cream designed specifically for Canadian
women.women. In presenting the all-new BB Cream Anti-Aging + SPF 20, the company is proudly

pursuing its expertise in the BB revolution. This BB Cream, with its 10-in-1 multi-benefits,
accomplishes everything for your skin instantaneously. In addition to evening out skin tone,
hydrating and brightening your skin, it also gives it a lifted appearance and smoothes out fine
lines and wrinkles. This ultimate skin beautifier is offered in two shades with self-adjusting
pigments, and is suitable for all ages and skin types.

Marcelle Gene Youth Serum-MUST!

Youth Generating Serum: This serum is a comprehensive anti-aging treatment that targets all
the signs of aging. In addition to improving your skin’s elasticity, it diminishes fine lines and
wrinkles and leaves you with a radiant, even tone. Endowed with the Marcelle-exclusive Skin D
Fusion technology, this unique serum formula starts as a gel and then melts on contact with the
skin, thus releasing the active ingredients to penetrate the deeper layers of the skin for
increased effectiveness.

Other “photo-notables”:

Andrew Richards Designs loft space (pre-crowd of course)

Annabelle Cosmetics gets decorative....wondering if this will 'work' in my living room!

Marie-Mai, new spokesperson for Annabelle Cosmetics

eeenrica defines beauty blogger like no one else can....


Even the displays have been updated! They are lit from behind, and easy to 'shop'

DJ at the Beauty Unveiling on the 1's and 2's

TOBB girls pose for the camera-something we are all really really good at!

And of course, a fantabulous gift bag:

Do I even have to caption this photo?Okay, fine.... products from Annabelle & Marcelle Beauty Unveiling

As if you had to force me, here are my “MUST HAVES” from Annabelle & Marcelle for Autumn 2012:

1.  Marcelle anti-aging BB cream

2. Marcelle BB cream to powder

3. Annabelle BB skin retouch crayon

4.  Annabelle TwistUp retractable lipstick crayon

5.  Marcelle eyeshadow quads (grab all the monochromes because they are AMAZING)

6.  Marcelle gene youth serum-the way it dispenses is worth it!


These products will be available July 2012 across Canada!  Woohoo! Happy Shopping!

See anything you would like to try?



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