Lumi Love! L’Oréal Paris True Match Lumi Healthy Luminous makeup & Magic BB cream

I’m a fan of L’Oréal’s lumi line from the luminous primer to the Magic Lumi concealer.  So it’s no surprise that I also adore the new Lumi foundation nnd Magic BB cream!

Guarantees luminous, shine-free and visibly healthier skin in 4 weeks.  Its formula contains 40% pure water to ensure freshness and all day hydration.  It is combined with vitamins C and E, SPF 20 and liquid Anderson technology that optimizes light reflection and intensifies luminosity.  Imperfections are instantly minimized and in just 4 weeks, skin is clearer, more even toned, and more luminous.
Shades: 14 shades from Porcelain – Light Ivory to Nut Brown-Cocoa
Suggested retail $18.99 CAD

Magic BB cream:

This innovative BB cream primes, perfects, hydrates and corrects all in one step.  It contains L’Oreal’s exclusive new patented Beautifying Beads featuring micro-pigment capsules that instantly melt on contact with your skin to self-adjust to your skin tone.  It features Vitamin E and hydrates the skin up to 24 hours.

Suggested Retail: $16.99 CAD

My thoughts:

L’Oréal has delivered another slam-dunk with these products! The foundation goes on beautifully smooth and brightens in all the right places.  The BB cream took some getting used to-the Beautifying Beads have a gritty texture but fear not!  They do melt into  your skin!  My only ‘regret’ is that the shade of BB cream that I have may be too dark for me.

My winning Lumi combination:

Do you have Lumi love?  What’s your winning combination?


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  • Olguita

    The luminous finish sounds good. What about the coverge?

    • Olguita

      I meant coverage 😛

    • meredith

      @Olguita the coverage is medium.

      • Olguita

        Thank you 🙂