New video! Vanity space tour (lets see who was paying attention)

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  • Victoria

    That is a terrific idea to use the Bb&W sleeves for brush holders on your vanity! I’m going to get those when they are on sale.

    • meredith

      @Victoria oh girl they WERE on sale! That’s the only reason I bought them!

  • Patricia

    I love how you painted Bath and Body Works candle holders that you got on clearance to match everything! (Yes, loved you “Haulin'” video too!) They look amazing! My favourite one is the leafy-shaped cut out one! I’m always looking for cool accessories for my house. I just finished making a jewelry box/display out of a shadow box frame from Michael’s. I’ll have post a photo of it for you! 🙂 Love your vanity/office space!

    • meredith

      @Patricia-thank you so much. I worked hard and it’s still not done. I am almost there! Just a few final touches.

  • Cherry

    that’s awesome – who would’ve guessed the black/pink combo!!?!! j/k. that chandelier is just perfect – you can seriously have some high-tea in there!

    • meredith

      @Cherry I am in love with this room-I am hoping to be absolutely done with it by next week. I think I can….thanks for the comment.