Mane Teeze Hair Perfume to the rescue-for all of your less than lovely hair situations!

I know the title is completely unappealing but hear me out….

We’ve all encountered ‘stinky’ hair situations-and don’t pretend you don’t know what I am talking about.  Let’s walk through some common ‘smelly’ situations (and maybe one that is unique to moi):

1. Summer BBQ

Oh how we all love these don’t we? I am completely convinced that EVERYTHING tastes better on the barbecue.  BUT-it can wreak havoc on your clothing and hair, especially if you’re the cook!  I have BBQ during the summer probably 5 out of 7 days per week.  I BBQ so often that I have dedicated ‘barbecue’ clothing and outfits.

2.  Smokers

I don’t smoke but I have friends and family members that do.  Even though I “encourage” them to nix that habit, I can only do so much. The problem with cigarette smoke is that it just hangs around, especially in  your hair…and once it’s in, it’s in.  Even worse? That stale cigarette smoke.  Yuck.  Just thinking about that turns my stomach.

*the following situation is unique to me unless you work in the same area as I do! Or maybe not… be the judge*

3.  Frying of onions at the Oasis deli in the PATH system-inappropriate ventilation and a hallway that I can’t get through fast enough

I had to separate this from BBQ because I feel like fried onions are a special type of torture.  Sure they ARE delicious but I have to ask….

-why are onions being prepped at 7:30am?

-who is eating fried onions at 7:30am?

-is there also a huge mint/gum rack at this deli?

-what is up with the range hood/ventilation system that the onion smell backs up into the hallway and engulfs/sticks to everyone who is walking through?

I do my absolute best to avoid this hallway in the morning but there are sometimes that I have zero choice but to walk through.  Onions stick to everything…and they do it quickly.  I like onions as much as  anyone else but I don’t want to smell like I just came out of the kitchen as I head into the office.  Yikes.

So I’ve described the smelly situations… how do I fix a stinky hair situation?  Here’s my S.O.S:

From :

In a fashionable 50ml glass bottle, Mane Teeze hair perfume by T&M freshens your hair and channels your inner goddess.  The sweet subtlety of each spritz teases your senses for up to 12 sensuous hours.  Hair perfume by T&M has a higher concentrate than your average perfumes, so three sprays is more than enough to bring out the tempestuous diva within.

I chose “Social Butterfly” which is described as:

Sweet soft vanilla infused luxury.  Social Butterfly is a delicious hair perfume fragrance to match your busy, bubbly life.  Spread your social wings and fly.

Now honestly, I don’t know about all that above but what I do know is that this product stays in my purse/bag.  I absolutely love it and think it’s a fabulous idea.  With just a quick spritz, all traces of the smelly situations 1, 2, and 3 are G-O-N-E!  It’s that simple.  I’ve even tried this product with my dry shampoo and it plays quite nicely with it!  Whether you find yourself in a less than harmonious predicament or just need a quick touch up, Mane Teeze has got you covered!

Mane Teeze hair perfume is available in 3 fragrances with a suggested retail of $34.00CAD:

-Social Butterfly (my favorite)

-Haut Mess (chocolate and caramel fragrance)

-Black Widow (dark amber-probably try this one next)

These fragrances are also sold as a trio-check out for more info!  They are also sold at Blo dry bar locations as well.

Also find T&M:

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What’s your take on smelly hair situations? Do you have a go-to? Would you ever try hair perfume?

*I also need to give the 2 creators of this product some props-w00t to the Canadian gals behind T&M*



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