Living in my uptown world…..with the Uptown Girl collection from Caryl Baker Visage!

Caryl Baker introduces Uptown Girl collection-inspired by hardworking, strong, independent women!

Each selection reflects a city-inspired ‘story’

Midtown morning ($69.50CAD):

Eyeshadows: Gingerbread Latte, Check Please!, In Transit

Eyeliner:  Occult

Blush:  Slept In

Lips:  Morning After Lipstick, Rodeo Drive City Slickers Lip Gloss


Power Lunch ($69.50CAD):

Eyeshadow:  Bon Appetit, Seal the Deal, Working Girl

Eyeliner:  Quest

Blush:  Out to Lunch

Lips:  Kiss Kiss Lipstick, Bay Street City Slickers Lip Gloss


After Hours ($69.50CAD):

Eyeshadows:  Gold Card, On the Rocks, Stiletto

Eyeliner:  Ninja

Blush:  Date Night

Lips:  Man Eater Lipstick, 5th Avenue City Slickers Lip Gloss

As always, Caryl Baker products are reasonably priced:

Eyeshadows:  $17.50 CAD

Blush: $21.50 CAD

Eyeliners: $17.50 CAD

Lipsticks: $17.50 CAD

City Slickers Lip Gloss:  $19.50 CAD


When I look at these collections, I’m overall impressed.  They are grouped appropriately and the colors complement eachother perfectly.  This is the type of makeup that I will put in my bag because this is ALL I would need to complete my “face”-well minus mascara of course.  This is also the type of collection that you can carry in your purse all the time-it’s incredibly versatile!  I’m not limited to one look-especially with the eyeshadows which is normally my number ONE complaint.


These collections are going to get a thumbs up from yours truly!  They are the right price, great quality, and super versatile.  I will put this into my purse and be ready-especially on days I’m running late! It won’t weigh me down and isn’t too much to carry around.  They are priced ‘right’ at $69.50 CAD!  I’m eye-ing After Hours for sure-fall invites are already coming in and I want to look my best!

*one of my gal-pals, Alicia did an awesome blog post on the Uptown Girl collection-check that out here!

So, what do you think?  Do you have your ‘Fall face’ in order yet?


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