Cherry makes a Clean Start with Dermalogica (it’s about time if you ask me…..)

The following is a special guest post by one of my *favorite* co-workers, Cherry!

I have never suffered from acne all my life even during puberty.  That is until this year when my face started breaking out.  I was graciously given the opportunity to try out Clean Start by Dermalogica.  This line of products provides a full skin routine for healthy and clean skin.  All the products do not contain artificial fragrances, dyes, or mineral oils.

I have been using these products at least twice a day for over a month.  I wash my face every morning and night with the Wash Off cleanser to get rid of all the oil.  My face immediately feels fresh and clean.  Despite what the package says, I wouldn’t categorize it as a foaming wash but rather a clear liquid formula.  I love this product.  In fact, I use it during the day and even bring it with me on overnight trips whenever I want to freshen up.

Every other morning, I use Ready, Set, Scrub exfoliating masque. It smoothes, clears, and refreshes the skin and contains silica to remove any dead skin.  This scrub is not abrasive to the skin and doesn’t cause any redness.  My face feels smooth when I wash it off.

Once the scrub is removed, I spray the All Over Clear toner all over my face.  It has a refreshing scent which helps wake me up in the morning!

I finish off the skin routine with a moisturizer.  In the morning, I have the option of either the Welcome Matte or Brighten Up Tinted SPF 15 moisturizer.  I prefer the matte moisturizer because the tint is not enough to cover up my skin imperfection and is redundant to the BB cream I use.  The formula is perfect – lightweight, not oily (never leaves your face shiny), and has SPF!  I use it as a sunscreen for my face and it has become an essential for all my outdoor activities.  At night, I use the Bedtime for Breakouts overnight treatment.  It is not oily, fast absorbing, and has an immediate moisturizing effect.

I am beyond satisfied with these Clean Start products – good scent, refreshing, and never oily.  Most importantly, I believe it has helped control my breakouts.  They are highly recommended!!


What’s your skin care routine? Do you need a Clean Start?


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