FAVE RAVE-L’Occitane discovery kits are available from eBeauty.ca!!!

Ever since discovering Sorbet Verbena this summer, I have a new-found appreciation for L’OCCITANE en Provence.  Not only are their products wonderfully scented, they actually WORK!!!  Long gone are my days of constantly re-applying lotion and hand cream-I can apply these once and I’m good until the end of the day!

Soooo imagine how excited I was when I heard about the *new* discovery kits being offered on eBeauty.ca!  Let me give you the deets:

“Beginning September 17th, 2012, visit eBeauty.ca to see the L’OCCITANE en Provence collection as well as three discovery kits, available only while quantities last.  L’OCCITANE en Provence is a line that combines nature and research to deliver products that are devoted to overall well-being.”

Discovery kit descriptions:

Immortelle Discovery Kit:  Discover the power of the brilliant imortelle flower in this three step skincare collection that works to brighten while cleansing, smooth wrinkles while moisturizing, and repair visible signs of aging in the eye area.

Shea Butter Discovery Kit:  Discover the exceptional moisturizing properties of shea butter with this four piece set:  gentle cleanser, body lotion and best-selling hand and foot creams that pamper and soothe. This collection is sure to moisturize and replenish skin to perfection.

Verbena Discovery Kit:  Verbena was inspired by the markets of Provence, where the refreshing, lemony scent of freshly picked, green verbena leaves fill the crisp air.  Formulated with the highest quality Verbena extract from Corsica, France this sparkling collection refreshes both the body and mind.

I have the Verbena Discovery Kit and I am loving it already.  It’s so light and fresh-it’s a sophisticated scent that won’t weigh you down! The hand gel is amazing!  RAVE RAVE RAVE!!!!

These kits retail for $30.00 CAD and are a wonderful way to introduce yourself to the L’OCCITANE en Provence brand!


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  • Patricia

    Couple of quick questions, Meredith. Are the discovery kits available in stores? Or should I order them online? I’d love to try the Verbena one! And, second, if I order from ebeauty.ca what else would you suggest I order to get my total up to $50 for I get free shipping? I know that last question is a big one, but I thought you might have another favorite or recommendation, or know a great product that I can’t get anywhere else. Thanks! 🙂

    • meredith

      @Patricia I know that ebeauty.ca is offering them for a special price! I have seen the bags in the stores but I’m unsure whether they are the same price or contain the same products! I would order them! I think you would love the brand to be honest!

      off topic-are you still doing MK? We need to speak if you are-I want to take a peek at their holiday.

  • Patricia

    I am going through ebeauty… they have everything!! lol 🙂

    I am still doing Mark Kay! 🙂 I haven’t been to active with seeking customers or anything, but I’m getting a list together to submit to a mailing list so they get the Look Book and a few other perks. If you want to be on my list email me your address. If you want to take a look at the latest book, here is the link

    I am excited about the Vanilla Sugar Satin Hands Set.

    I will be placing an order before Christmas. Probably late October or November. Let me know if you would like anything! 🙂