Leg love with Veet! EasyWax review!

I’m a gal who loves her options….especially when it comes to an often less-than-pleasurable task like hair removal.

I have already praised Veet for their fantastic individual wax strips and their cream that actually *does not* stink or irritate my sensitive skin.  And now, I’m really loving the easy wax electrical roll-on.  More convenient than booking an appointment at the salon with the same results!

The process is quite simple really-just pop the cartridge into the unit, let it heat, roll it over your legs and use a strip to remove.  But for you detail oriented types, here’s a snippet of the instructions:

1.  Plug the cable into the Veet device.  The red light turns on to confirm heating. Place device on base and leave it connected for 20 minutes.  Start to apply the wax to a small area first.

2.  Apply the wax in the direction of hair growth

3.  Immediately place the strip over the layer of wax, leaving at least 1cm at the bottom wax free.  Rub the strip over the wax in the direction of hair growth.

4.  Hold your skin taut.  Holding the bottom of the strip, very quickly pull ths trip back against the direction of hair growth.

5.  When you have finished waxing, remove any wax residues from skin with a wipe or the back of the used strip.

6.  Unplug the device , allow it to cool, and remove the refill.


For best results:

-hair should be between 2 and 5mm long

-skin must be clean and dry-free from creams, oil prior to waxing

-exfoliating 24 hours before waxing will improve results


See? Simple.

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