L’Oréal’s new Viagara for men and blurring away my troubles! The Secret Weapons for Skin event!

That title caught your eye, didn’t it….

Here’s a quick summary of The Secret Weapons for Skin event in Toronto!

L’Oréal Paris is helping women AND men look younger and fend off aging with the unveiling of 2 new products!  These will both be available in Canada February 2013

L’Oréal Paris Revitalift Miracle Blur helps:

-instantly fade away fine lines, wrinkles, pores

-reduce excess oil (for a soft matte finish)

-even out skin tone for a radiant and smooth complexion

Miracle Blur can be used underneath makeup to prepare and smooth the skin’s overall texture or on its own to help moisturize and blur away the signs of aging.  Revitalift Miracle Blur uses Opti-Blur technology  with light reflecting particles to diffuse light in different dictions, instantly eraasing the look of lines, wrinkles, and pores.  It is formulated with an ‘aerated silica’ (1% silicon and 99% oxygen)-and while it feels dense at first touch, it melts into the skin, leaving it soft.

Miracle Blur will be available across Canada in February 2013 and will retail for $29.99 CAD

Initial thoughts:

I need to give this product a fair shake and I’ve used it twice, so I’d like to give it a bit more time.  After squeezing some out of the tube, I thought “Oh no, I can NOT wear this-way too silicone-y.”  However, it does melt into the skin and does smooth out texture.  So far, I’ve worn it under a BB cream and a foundation and it’s played nice with both.  I’d like to see how it holds up after a full day at work-time will tell!  I think at this stage, it’s a product I could use-but I want to test longevity first.

Men Expert Vitalift Anti-Age Force lifting & fortifying serum (hailed as the “viagara for men’s skin”) features:

-an instant ‘lifting’ effect

-a light weight texture

-ingredients that improve skin elasticity, stimulate cellular regeneration, and fortify skin’s natural resistance.

Men Expert Vitalift Anti-Age Force lifting & fortifying serum will be available across Canada in February 2013 and will retail for $15.99 CAD

Initial thoughts:

I did try this-and I can see myself using this….but I did the noble thing and handed it over to my other half.  He has yet to use it, but I’ve “gently” reminded him and will update you on his progress.  *Please note, he still gets carded occasionally and I attribute that to his skincare routine, handpicked by yours truly! *

Let’s take a quick look at some photos from the event as well:

Hair by Romana at TONYC salon

Dress: David Dixon

Did you think I came up with that clever title myself?

Secret Weapons for Skin to try!

Describing the texture of Miracle Blur-I found this slide particularly interesting


Hugo, Dani, and Eddie pose, James Bond 007 style


Amber (Canadian Fashionista), myself, and Ande (makemeoverande)pose, Bond girl style!

What a fabulous night! Thanks to L’Oréal Paris for the invitation and opportunity to preview some exciting new skincare!


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  • Anna

    Meredith- LOVE your dress!!!

    • meredith

      @Anna thank you! That means a ton coming from you!

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