Gift idea for the beauty in your life-Heritage Bears from the Bay

I often have a hard time trying to figure out what I should send my family for Christmas.  I don’t want to send them the same old thing-and gift cards are kind of a cop out.

I’m in love with the Bay’s heritage collection but more specifically, while browsing spotted these 2 bears.  So I picked them up.   They’re a bit of “Canadiana” for my American relatives.

Henry Kelsey is Hudson’s Bay Company 2011 Limited Edition Heritage Bear (sweater bear).  Henry Kelsey was a Hudson’s Bay Company explorer who was best known for his journey into the heart of the western plains of Canada.

Yale is Hudson’s Bay Company 2012 Limited Edition Heritage Bear (scarf wearing bear).  Yale is named after James Murray Yale, the chief trader at Fort Langley for many years.  Yale joined HBC in 1815.  He was less than 5 feet tall but had the courage of a lion and  personality to match.

These 2 bears are happy to share their courage or join you in a cozy cuddle! They are also a perfect present topper or stocking stuffer!

Net proceeds from the sale of Limited Edition Heritage Bears support the HBC foundation, dedicated to improving the lives of Canada’s children, women and families.

Henry Kelsey and Yale retail for $19.99 CAD each and are available at the Bay or online.



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  • Mama Dukes

    Hope we see some headed our way! Adorable!

  • Cherry

    Cool, didn’t know there are stories behind these bears.

    • meredith

      @Cherry they are an interesting piece of ‘history’