The Mascara Project-first week results! L’Oreal Paris Voluminous 24H Black Smoke!

Wow what a title!

I’ll get right to it and tell you how this mascara performed over the past week.

Firstly, some photos:

IMG_3145 IMG_3146 IMG_3148

FYI, I am sure you can tell I am not wearing any foundation in this photo-that’s a weekend thing for me.  The photo is NOT retouched-I want you to see the mascara “in the rough.” After looking at this though, I really think I need to consider an eye lift or some kind of something.  Anyone see the fountain of youth anywhere? Anyone? Anyone?

What L’Oreal Paris says about this mascara:

Voluminous® Power Volume 24H Mascara has a formula with collagen spheres and a mega brush that gives lashes 15X more impact and 24 hours of volume for fuller-looking, plumped up lashes. Clump-free. Flake-free. Smudge-free. Frangance-free. Ophthalmologist-tested and allergy-tested. Suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.

What I think:

Performance wise, I was pleased with this mascara.  I could use one coat (see above) and results were more than decent.  My understanding of the matte smokey effect is simply that this is not a “glossy” mascara, and I’m down with that.  This mascara is a fairly good lengthener with some volume but not overwhelming.  I would use it on days that I know there will be zero precipitation (because it isn’t waterproof and I had an incident last month where I got caught in a snowstorm and mascara was everywhere). I tried it with my lash primer (Dior) and without.  It’s better with the primer, but still produces results without.  It’s fairly easy to remove, but I still recommend a gentle eye makeup remover to take it off completely!

If I had to give this mascara a grade, I’d say it’s an A-.


good lengthener with decent volume (even better if you use a lash primer in my opinion)

smokey black matte effect is interesting-not the standard

doesn’t clump up

buildable but one coat will do ya if you’re in a hurry

brush is sized “just right”-not too big, not too small


not waterproof


Next week?  The infamous Voluminous Carbon Black:




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  • Stacy

    Great review and you look great without are rockin the eyeliner too…this looks like a great mascara…will add it to my list of those to try!

    • meredith

      @Stacy the weird thing is when I went to the L’Oreal Paris website, the reviews on this were very extreme….people either really liked it or they hated it. I guess to each his/her own though. I enjoy it-it’s definitely *not* the standard mascara formula but I think that’s what attracted me.

  • Beth (TheNaughtyminx)

    It looks good on you and you do NOT need an eye lift! I also agree with Stacy on the eyeliner. Looking good!!!

    • meredith

      @Beth gee Beth thanks, but I’ll probably think I need an eye lift until I can’t see my eyes well enough anymore. lol. Thanks for your compliment. I do like the mascara and I also like the one I am using this week! Thanks so much for commenting and reading!

  • Cherry

    1st off, you have one nice camera – those are really good closeup shots, both on the mascara & how it looks on the lashes. The no clumping is quite apparent – it drives me nuts when they clump.

    • meredith

      @Cherry thanks it’s my good old trusty Canon Powershot. I worked a bit on the settings and the background for a better picture. I am actually loving that mascara and the one I am using this week. They are both good choices-HOWEVER because I know you are both sporty and thrifty, I am going to make sure that I review/test some that are easy on the wallet AND waterproof. In case you didn’t know, my current waterproof favorite is essence 24H stays no matter what mascara, which rings in at the price of $4.99. Stay tuned for more mascara though-and thanks for your comment!

      • Cherry

        I’ll be looking out for that review! This mascara is not on your review list, but what do you think of the Maybelline Rocket Mascara? I’ve heard it produces good results – makes your lashes look false – from some youtube beauty gurus.

        • meredith

          @Cherry that’s in my pile to review. Probably not until April though!