Caryl Baker Oxygen facial breathes life into my skin!

If I had won the lottery like that psychic said I would, then I would certainly have taken a chunk of my winnings and devoted to finding the fountain of youth.

Thankfully, you don’t have to be a millionaire to treat your skin well!  Caryl Baker has introduced their oxygen facial and it is beyond worth it!


What Caryl Baker says about the treatment:

Indulge in a luxurious 60-minute treatment that combines the use of deeply hydrating collagen and cell boosting pure oxygen.  Fine lines and wrinkles are noticeable diminished.  Leaves your skin looking and feeling soft and rejuvenated.

My treatment was performed by the lovely Kiki and started off with a consultation.  Afterwards, I got a mini microdermabrasion then the oxygen facial commenced. My skin was thoroughly cleansed, masqued and then the oxygen was applied via airbrush. I also was treated to a hydrating collagen mask which really helped lock moisture into my skin. Afterwards, my skin felt clean and refreshed.  It looked like I had woken up from a restful slumber (which I really COULD use by the way-oh if only).

If you are anywhere near a Caryl Baker Visage, give them a call and book this treatment. It’s appropriate for all skin types and will make your skin feel AMAZING!

Stay tuned for a post with some of the items I purchased after my facial including a super duper eye cream that I swear by!

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