L’Oreal Paris Hot Hues and Wild Ombre!

Did you know approximately 58% of Canadian women color their hair?  And that these women color there hair at home on average 6 times a year?

Eric Delmonaco and Christophe Robin of L’Oreal Paris spoke to myself and several other bloggers recently about the Hot Haircolor Hues for 2013.


“2013 is the year to get playful with color, especially if you’ve never colored before.” ~Eric Delmonaco

Christophe Robin shares his insight into the hottest haircolors for 2013:

Feria Wild Ombre:


According to Christophe, Ombre is the new ‘highlighting.’  The Ombre effect has evolved from haircolor fad to fundamental.

Platinum Blonde:


Christophe says “Icy cool Platinum Blonde IS the new blonde.”

Red Hot Reds:


Christophe says “Redheads will continue to reign supreme.”

Jet Black:


Christophe says “Jet Black is the new Brunette.”


While I’m not personally quite ready to go full on platinum, even I have to admit that these colors are super enticing!  Keep your eyes peeled for L’Oreal Paris DIY Wild Ombre kit from Feria, on drugstore shelves across Canada!

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  • Cynthia

    I thought ombre was a fad and was on its way out. Guess not (but of course, this is someone who has never, ever coloured her hair (save for the uber-temporary hair mascara).

    • meredith

      @Cynthia I don’t have dark hair to ombre!

  • Beauty Thesis

    I’ve actually got some wild colour that’s just been sitting quietly on a shelf, as I’m not yet convinced it’s a good idea.. lol! I do enjoy the ombre effect, but I don’t know if I trust myself to DIY something were the gradient needs to be just right. Will keep an eye out for those kits to read up on just how it works.

    • meredith

      @Beauty Thesis give the wild a shot!