Pantene makes me take off my skeptic hat. AGAIN. Review of Pantene’s Age Defy shampoo, conditioner, and treatment!

*These products were sent to me courtesy of Beautygeeks and Pantene for review*

I think Pantene selects me to review items specifically to prove me wrong (see Aqua light review here).

Truth:  I’m rough on my hair. I color it.  I backcomb it. I heatstyle it.  I go to extremes….a natural blonde to redhead last month.  So of course, it follows that I’m finicky about my haircare.

Beautygeeks recently sent me 3 Pantene Age Defy products to review:


Pantene Expert Age Defy Shampoo and Conditioner:  designed with Olay experts to help fight 7 signs of aging hair.  Reduces breakage, prevents split ends, tames frizz, controls unruly greys, minimizes lackluster color, improves a thin look , minimizes dryness.

Pantene Expert Age Defy Advanced thickening treatment: designed with Oly experts to thicken each existing individual hair strand and deliver a potent blend of vitamin B3, panthenol, and caffeine deep within the hair, providing suppleness.  The treatment works on the surface of each hair strand, for  natural-looking hai with fullness that lasts.

Day 1: thickens existing hair so it’s as if you have up to 6500 more hair strands.

Day 14:  Hair achieves maximum thickness

Day 30 and beyond:  Hair is supple and maximum thickness is maintained.

An important *tip* from ettuandyou….read the enclosed pamphlet!  You are supposed to use the thickening treatment 2x a day!

So, after using all 3 products, I noticed the following:

My ‘stand out’ product from this line is definitely the treatment.  I love how it feels on my scalp and it isn’t oily or heavy.  I was able to use all of my other styling products without buildup or my hair going flat. HUGE PLUS! 

-my hair felt “fuller” and had a lot more volume

-I didn’t have to work hard to style it.

-It wasn’t as greasy in between washes compared to other shampoos. I put this to the test and was able to go 3 days in between washes!

Will I be purchasing it again?  Not at the moment, but only because I have about 134742935356 shampoos and conditioners to ‘finish up.’  Do I like it? Oh YES!! Did it make my hair 6500 strands richer? I wish I had the time to count but there is definitely a difference in the appearance and feeling after using all 3 products continuously and it’s a good difference.  I noticed where I part my hair (my “thinner” side) is not as thin as before and for once, I don’t want to be THIN in that area!

I’ve also done a video review for your viewing pleasure:


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  • Janine . BEAUTYGEEKS

    So glad you like the line, Meredith! Particularly appreciate your video info about using the Thickening Treatment with your regular styling products (5:23). That’s a concern I hadn’t considered myself because I rarely use styling products myself. I love, love, love that you’re able to tell others how it works with a bunch of different types of stylers!