Mitch Stone Hair Essentials-vitamins for your hair, and YOUR questions answered!

*A big big BIG thank you to April Dunn on YouTube for introducing me to this line-without her, I never would’ve known about it!*

First of all, I need to start by stating that nothing I say or show you is going to do these products enough justice.

A while back, I posted this video, asking for feedback regarding what subscribers would like to see in terms of a review on Mitch Stone Essentials styling products. I mean, sure I can say “They’re amazing!” (they are), “They smell great!” (they do), and “They do what they say they’re going to to!” (yes, it’s true), but let’s face it that’s. been. done.  And is that TRULY going to convince you to run out and get these products?

I wanted to respond with what YOU readers and viewers had questions about…..and guess what? Not only have I got answers, I have THE answers from Mitch Stone himself.  Yup, you read that right-Mitch Stone, award winning celebrity stylist took time out of his day to answer YOUR questions. He’s also ‘easy on the eyes’-you’ll see:

mitch-198x300See what I mean?  😉 But I digress, back to the products!

All of these products contain VcompS-so let me tell you about that, namely what it is! I had to borrow this incredibly clever piece from the website because they say it best:

“VcompS is a proprietary tropical cocktail of vitamins, minerals, and papaya.  Your hair is nourished all day long with every spritz, squirt or drop!”

VcompS contains:

-vitamin E: color protection, split end prevention

-vitamin C:  anti-oxidant that protects cells from environmental free radical damage

-vitamin B3: provides moisture and emoillience

-vitamin B5:  repairing properties

-vitamin B6:  stimulation of hair growth

papaya extract:  powerful anti-oxidant rich moisturizing essential fatty acids (EFA).

Check out my latest video where I read Mitch Stone’s answers to YOUR questions:


Okay so you’ve watched the video and had your questions answered.  Now let’s get down to business. Here’s the 411 on the products themselves:


Lustre drops are a shine serum with added Argon oil that locks in smooth style and resists humidity.

-infuse each strand with essential vitamins and antioxidants

-contain Vcomp5 an exclusive, proprietary beauty cocktail found ONLY in Mitch Stone Essentials.

-contain Argon oil that softens, detangles, and revives the hair

-good for all hair types

-helps to minimize the appearance of split ends, frizz, and flyaways

texturizing-sprayTexturizing spray a.k.a. a ‘fine haired girl’s best friend’

-contains VcompS

-provides hair with extra body, lightweight, flexible hold

-nourishes, hydrates, repairs damage in addition to boosting volume

-can be used wet/dry

-apply while blowdrying for a ‘finished’ look

-for additional volume, apply directly to root area (that’s what I do)

session-spraySession spray-flexible

-contains VcompS

-flexible, light brushable hold and shine

-can be reapplied without stiff, sticky build up

-soft, satin finish that is HUMIDITY RESISTANT

-use at the root for volume

set-in-stoneSet in Stone-firm

-contains VcompS

-maximum hold and shine

-can be layered and will not weigh hair down

-apply at root for extra lift


Just in case you’re wondering-these products are what I’ve been using on my hair and I don’t think I’ve gone 2 days without someone commenting on how shiny my hair is, or how healthy it looks.  I’m talking about people I don’t know-for example, a woman in the ice cream truck line up (I’ll explain later) who was looking at the BACK of my head commented on how much shine my hair had.  A co-worker asked me how I got the volume to ‘stay.’

In addition to others comments, here’s what I like about these products:

-the scent: think tropical/beach with a hint of “clean.” It’s subtle but it’s there.

-the fact that they are lightweight-granted, you could overdo it with these products but you would have to do that on purpose.  I like that I can layer the products.

-The flexible hairspray-I may just be a convert as I typically stay away from any type of hairspray labeled ‘lightweight’ or ‘flexible’-I figure, what’s the point? It won’t hold at all!  WRONG. Session spray is completely different-it’s hold but it’s not firm (like the set in stone).  It’s my new everyday!

-the variety of ways to use the products-the texturizing spray and lustre drops can be used on wet or dry hair.  I’ve used them both ways!  I find that I prefer the lustre drops after my hair is dry for smoothing.  I like to use the texturizing spray right at the root on wet hair.

-vitamins in EVERY product.  I appreciate the B-complex and other vitamins in these products.  It makes me feel like I am doing everything I can and going the extra step to keep my hair healthy.  I already take multi-vitamins so I am working from the inside all the way to the outside.

-lustre drops I honestly thought I would hate this product as I do not put oil in my hair during the day (only at night when I am going to wash my hair the next day).  I’ve been using this and it’s incredibly light-especially helpful in taming my fly-aways!  I even put it on my hands too and then apply lotion.  It’s super moisturizing!  I’ll have to see if I can get a photo of my hands to show you!

hand on left has lustre drops on it.  See the difference? I do!

hand on left has lustre drops on it. See the difference? I do!

So there you have it.  This was a bit lengthy but it would’ve been a disservice to you if I had not included everything I did!  Do yourself and your hair a favor and check out Mitch Stone Essentials.  I’m ordering a set for my mom and several other people! Check out the website for where to buy!

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While I was gathering all the products together, this happened and I thought I would share it with you!


Even Max loves Mitch Stone Essentials!

*Huge thank you to Mitch Stone and Arnold-I am so grateful for all of your time*

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