New Series! My favorites from……L’Oréal Paris!

I’ve decided to really look ‘within’ …….my stash that is.  I’m going to be attempting a new series on my blog with the above title.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to post once a week with favorites from a particular brand.  That’s certainly the idea anyway.  I thought I would kick things off with L’Oréal Paris since I have tried a wide range of their products and skin care.


L’Oréal certainly has a leg up on eye products-especially with the introduction of the Infallibles.  The Infallibles (in my opinion) rival the Giorgi Armani Eyes to kill in terms of color selection, dimension, and staying power.  For me, these shadows boast an impressive 8+ hours of wear time (with a primer) and are one of the few shadows I will wear as single colors on my eye.



L’Oréal has some fantastic quads-some of my favorites include:


Above, the L’Oréal Wear Infinite Studio Secrets in 823 Bronzes. I’m not sure this is still available but I love this quad for an everyday look (Luckily I grabbed 2 the last time I purchased!).


Another ‘newer’ quad is the Colour Riche New essentials line.  This one is 841 Because I am Worth It! which contains nude shadows.  If you don’t want to commit to a pricey nude shadow palette, then I highly recommend this one.  This quad is also travel friendly and could be used to create a multitude of different nude/smokey/bronze eye looks.


One of my favorite mascaras and what I’ll term a ‘cult’ favorite is the Voluminous Carbon Black Mascara.  This mascara is in between a wet and dry formula.  I find it’s the perfect balance of volume and length-which is rare in most mascaras (they are usually either volumizing or lengthening).  This mascara has been reviewed countless times (including by me!) and has a strong following.


Believe it or not, this is what I have the ‘least’ of in terms of L’Oréal!  I will have to hit the counter and start exploring blush!


I’ve been more receptive towards different textures of blush-I used to be strictly powder.  I do adore the mousse magic smooth souffle in 842 Cherubic.  The true match? Well that’s to be expected.  The shade I like is baby blossom-it’s a hint of pink with shimmer.



L’Oréal has definitely branched out with their lip products.  They have such a wide range of products available, it would be impossible to not like anything!  I have my favorites though…..


L’Oréal Colour Riche lipsticks…if you are looking for color and something that is going to stick around on your lips, then I’d look here first!  These colors are my favorites but don’t represent my entire collection.  I will say that if you don’t have their ‘true red’ then you should proceed directly to wherever L’Oréal cosmetics are sold in your area and pick it up.  Everyone needs a red lipstick in their life.


Oh my, how many times have I talked about the leGloss?  I picked these 3 shades, and again the above in no way represent my entire collection!  I love these glosses for several reasons including the texture, shade payoff, and portability.  They work well alone or layered.  They also give extra oomph to a lipstick that may need a boost.


I couldn’t figure out what the actual name of this product was and had to look it up!  They are officially the “Colour Caresse Wet Shine Stain” but I call them my YSL glossy stain dupe.  I almost broke down and bought the YSL version until L’Oreal unveiled these. I prefer them to the YSL version not only because of the price, but because they perform better than the YSL. I have swatched/tested the YSL and found them to bleed and wear off quickly.  The L’Oréal version have a respectable staying power AND a decent color payoff (not intense but not sheer).


Sorry, I just wanted to show you the wand.  So easy to apply with this shape….


Just in case you’re interested in brights but don’t want to fully commit, give these L’Oréal Caresse shades a try.  This one is 173 Velvet Fushia (their spelling not mine).  This applies sheer, but is incredibly moisturizing and fun!



L’Oréal has several BB creams, but 2 of them have really stood out for me.  My first BB cream love is the Youth Code. This is my ‘weekender’ face product.  It leans more towards a moisturizer but provides a bit more coverage. I’ve also found the Youth Code products to really perform in terms of straightening out my skin (in terms of tone and texture).  The Age Perfect BB cream offers a more dewy finish. I use them together as I prefer coverage over finish but they also work well separately.  If you need coverage heavier than a light-medium, I would use these as a ‘base’ and then move on to a L’Oréal  foundation.


This is one of L’Oréal’s newer products and I had seen it on some other blogs.  I knew I had to have it and I’m glad that I picked it up.  It’s super light and I love the finish.  I don’t feel it on my skin and it’s not heavy.  I don’t feel the need to wash it off when I come home from work.  This is a light-medium finish, and when I wear it, I do have to touch up midday but only in my t-zone.  It’s absolutely perfect for summer and I’m so glad I grabbed it when I saw it.  The only thing I don’t like about it? There is no pump, just an open, glass bottle.  Since the foundation is on the thinner side (and it’s definitely a liquid), it is messy.  I’m willing to overlook that because of the performance but I think the delivery could be improved!


Great Base!  L’Oréal’s studio secrets magic perfecting base has been a long time favorite.  Miracle Blur is a ‘newer’ product and contains oxygenated silicone, making it incredibly light.  Both of these products are great for a smooth canvas on which to apply your makeup for a night out.  I’d also recommend these if you are planning on being photographed as they work well to smooth and even out your skin!



This by no means makes up my entire inventory of L’Oréal skincare but to be honest, I’m out of my Youth code cleanser (but will still post about it with a stock photo).  I like this serum corrector because it’s exactly that.  I like to use this serum when my skin is acting out because this product acts fast to correct my ‘problems.’  It’s lightly fragranced and absorbs quickly which are 2 things I require in a serum.  The price is also attractive and I find it’s performs equally as well when compared to higher priced serums.


I love this cleanser to the moon and back…I’m out of it at the moment (sad face).  The Youth Code line is my favorite -mainly because I feel it really works hard to bring out my best skin ever!  This is a foaming cleanser so if your skin is on the dry side, it may not be for you. It removes makeup well but I wouldn’t use it for eye makeup removal.

And there you have it!This does not represent everything L’Oréal-just my favorites! Hope you enjoyed this glimpse and are looking forward to my next “My favorites from…..” post!


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