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The third post in the ‘my favorites’ series, Caryl Baker came to mind.

Caryl Baker is a Canadian based company that has boutique stores across Canada offering cosmetics and skin care (products and services).   At first glance, I didn’t know what to make of the brand as I had no knowledge prior to landing in Canada.  However, I’ve grown fond of some of the products….see below!


Caryl Baker Perfect 10 BB creme

Caryl Baker Perfect 10 BB creme

My first thought was…oh boy, another North American BB creme that will perform like a tinted moisturizer.  SIGH.  But this BB creme is a force to be reckoned with.  It’s texture is thicker and it does provide more coverage (and yes I do apologize for the dirty front of the tube-I just use this a lot).  I have to say I was pleasantly surprised…coverage is light-medium but more on the medium side and provides that ‘natural finish that I look for when I use a BB creme.  I wasn’t the only person who thought this was a hit….I was told this product was flying off shelves and had to wait to purchase another tube.  My shade is light but I do mix light/medium in the summer.

Caryl Baker blush (this one is wowee maui)

Caryl Baker blush (this one is wowee maui)

Caryl Baker doesn’t disappoint with blush either…a wide range of shades to choose from, excellent color payoff. I have gone outside of my comfort zone with this shade which is a tad more coral than I would usually wear but I also have my usual pinks.

Lipstick in "Kiss for the Cure"

Lipstick in “Kiss for the Cure”

Lipsticks are creamy with decent pigmentation.  I happen to love this shade-as it’s part of the Breast Cancer Awareness collection (that comes out in October).  I neglected to take a photo of the case which has a mirror attached to it, making it even more attractive!


eyeliner in 'occult'

eyeliner in ‘occult’

I don’t own too many Caryl Baker liners but I really enjoy this one. Mostly for the color…it’s a perfectly balanced mix of purple, steel with a sprinkling of warmth (I’m imagining taupe).


I was SUPER hesitant to try these shadows and ‘concerned’ about color pigmentation/payoff. However, I find myself reaching for Caryl Baker Shadows more and more-especially this trio.  Caryl Baker also makes single shadows and I find their quality, finish, pigmentation to be comparable of the higher/luxe brands.  I enjoy the color combinations in the trios-they seem to take the guesswork out of getting ready!

Caryl Baker emerginC eyelight cream

Caryl Baker emerginC eyelight cream

I admittedly have not tried much Caryl Baker skincare but this is one of my favorite products.  I love this eyecream-it reminds me of the Bobbi Brown version (yes I went there).  It’s the perfect thickness and is quite smooth.  I layer it over my Alyria eye serum as well and it doesn’t irritate or react.


Caryl Baker deserves recognition and has definitely stepped up to the plate in terms of quality of their products.  If you have a chance to, check them out, they’re worth a swatch!

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  • Sue H

    This brand is very interesting. Of course it’s not in the US. Darn it. I have over a half dozen bb and cc creams in my vanity. Not to mention the drugs store brands I have tossed. I am about to give up. I use them more as primers. The UD is a nice texture and finish but is too dark and orange on my pale skin. Keep us posted on her products. Take care -Sue