Single push, absolute color-L’Oréal Paris Mousse Absolue!

Home hair color……I’m not good at it.  I tend to leave my locks in the hands of professionals.

I put my skeptics hat squarely on my head as I made my way over to Delmonaco hair studio to experience L’Oréal Paris’ newest home haircolor, Mousse Absolue.

I was quite impressed by the shade offerings but even MORE impressed with the actual product and technology….is it outlandish to deem a haircolor ‘innovative’?


One of my pals, Davida did an EXCELLENT post on this event and the product itself.  Please click on ‘excellent’ to see her post!

From L’Oréal Paris:

Discover a colour of extraordinary freshness: a colour of exquisite brilliance, irresistible delicacy and inimitable purity. At the very heart of Mousse Absolue, a colour of pristine beauty, in its most original form.

With Mousse Absolue, L’Oréal Paris goes still further with the consistency of colouring mousse. Firmer, richer and smoother, its texture is impeccable, and can be spread evenly over the hair. The precious automatic mixing of the colour is then ideally applied to obtain the most absolute of colours.

Directions for application:

1 After the aerosol is shaken, with a single push the mousse, with its perfect proportion of colorants and developer, is deposited delicately onto your hair.
2 Mix well – no need for any other tools…. Apply the mousse gently over the hair. It turns into a cream, and can be massaged in with the hands and fingers.
3 After leaving for the required time, rinse, apply the sublimator, and discover some truly haute-couture colours.


Did I mention this product can be used more than once? THAT’S RIGHT- MORE. THAN. ONCE!

For the first time with L’Oréal Paris, haircolor can be used again. The content of the pack means that you can make two complete
applications on short hair, or one application and touch up mid-length hair. The pleasure of colouring is prolonged with Mousse Absolue and every woman can now touch up her hair like a true professional.

So how did this turn out on moi?  Take a look!





L’Oréal Paris Mousse Absolue is available in 14 shades and is on shelves RIGHT NOW! Suggested retail is $18.99 (but I’ve seen it on sale for $15.99 recently). AMAZING.  I’ll give home hair color another whirl and a BIG THUMBS UP!


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  • Rebecca

    I love the color of your hair, Meredith.

  • Denyse Malette

    This looks pretty cool but last time I tried a new l’oreal hair color( the mouse one ) it turned my hair almost blond;( so I am a little apprehensive but it does looks pretty cool

    • meredith

      @Denyse I love the fact that this is reusuable…..