used to hate you, now I adore you……Soap & Glory

Sometimes, I judge products too quickly.  Such is the case for Soap & Glory.  Well, these 2 products from Soap & Glory that is…..


Originally I was not a fan of texture/fragrance of either of these 2 products HOWEVER, these have been my ‘reach-fors’ as the weather has become increasingly more winter-esque.


Flake Away Shea Butter, sugar and peach seed powder spa body polish is a gentle and effective exfoliator.  It leaves behind a bit of moisture and doesn’t leave me itchy or dry.  I use it 2 or 3 times a week prior to shaving.


The Righteous Butter contains shea butter and aloe vera. It’s the proper amount of moisture post shower or even when you need a product that will instantly moisturize….I tend to use it on my hands.  I wish they made it in a smaller size though!  I prefer this product over the hand cream for my VERY dry hands!

So I’ll be taking a second look at products before turning up my nose at them from now on.  These 2 products may surprise you too!

Have you used Soap & Glory? What are your favorites from the brand?

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  • Rebecca

    I have seen these but never tried them. What do they smell like?

  • Kelly

    Funny how a product can get in your good graces after a while isn’t it!

    • meredith

      @Kelly yes yes YES! I have seen that Soap & Glory has come out with a sugar scrub….

  • Denyse Malette

    Never have had the pleasure of trying these products perhaps one day

  • sherry

    Love Soap & Glory — I have used the lip plumper and the sugar scrub for the shower. I’ve used the body lotion spray…I love the scent! It was gifted to me originally from a friend in the UK and then when I found it here at Shopper’s I was happy as a clam!