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Raise your hand if you’re sick of wearing your darkest sunglasses & non-descript outfit and driving to the out-of-your-neighborhood nails/wax shop. You know-the one where you walk in and there’s someone at the front table getting their acrylic tips airbrushed? You get your wax done, then you leave with a bright red upper lip and eyebrows? How will you ever explain that away to your spouse/significant/parent/sibling/child?

Let’s face it, waxing and hair removal is a part of life….and while it’s becoming more “normal” to talk about, how do you bring up in everyday conversation that you’re looking for an extra-special-someone to rip your hair out by the roots?

If you’re in the GTA or any other metropolis, there are hundreds of places you could go….from the shop scenario I described above to upscale salons/spas. But you need to feel comfortable-especially if your waxer is going to be in areas that are normally reserved for certain pairs of eyes 🙂

Since I’m getting older, hair removal has moved up on my ‘beauty priority list’ and lately I’ve been noticing this increased hair on my face more and more. I want to feel comfortable and confident wearing my hair up and exposing my hairline. I knew there was only one person for this job…..and it’s Anna.


I’ve known Anna for several years-she is in my ‘blogging circle.’ I actually met her at a blushpretty workshop-I believe it was a contouring one (but correct me if I’m wrong A).  She recently (and I’m not sure how recently) starting offering waxing services/lash extensions out of her very own studio!


Anna is warm, inviting, but most of all professional.  She gave me a thorough once-over and suggested some areas I focus on and I gave her the green light and free reign over my face.  I want the hair gone!  Anna uses hard wax and traditional wax with strips.  The hard wax grabs the more stubborn hair apparently….and that’s what is used more frequently during a Brazilian wax. I did not get a Brazilian, and don’t think I could endure that “procedure”!

Zip, zip, zip and I was through.  Anna applied a soothing aloe product to my skin.  She tidied up my brows for me, which are a constant source of frustration for me.  She even gave me a suggestion and a plan for maintaining my skin post-wax and frequency of future appointments!  While it wasn’t entirely pain free (and it shouldn’t be, after all someone is ripping your hair out of your face by the ROOT), I felt comfortable during the process and put my hair up into a ponytail when I returned home.  YAY!

Do yourself a favor and stay on top of your hair removal-start by finding a person who is qualified and professional like Anna.

P.S. Anna did not ask me to post about her nor did I receive complimentary service.  This is me talking to you about a great esthetician!

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  • Ashley

    Love Anna!

    • Anna

      Love you, too Ashley!

      And yes Meredith, we me at Blush Pretty’s Contouring workshop. I’m also a freelance makeup artist for BP 😉

      I’ve been waxing since 2012 and in 2013 I added the lash extension services. I got started in makeup in 2011.

      I’m so happy to hear you loved the service. If you’re interested in tinting, I can definitely bring that in. Just let me know and I’ll be sure to have it at your next appointment 🙂


  • Kelly

    Really nice of you to promote her. It’s something I like about your blog. You do it even when NOT promoting for anything in return. meredith you’re a gem.

    • meredith

      @Kelly wow-that was a super awesome thing to say. I’ve learned over my ‘years’ of blogging (it’s only been about 3) that it’s VERY important to support what I like to call “local talent.” I don’t always blog in exchange for products, I feel that cheapens the experience-it is tough for my conscience to justify raving about a product that I received for “free” if I know they are putting their hard earned dollars towards it. Thanks for your comment and being a great subscriber. You know I like your blog a lot too!

  • Denyse Malette

    Congrats on finding a great esthetician, they can be hard to come by despite there being so many out there. Hold on to her tight ANC if I were in the GTAi would definately. Check her I out

    • meredith

      @Denyse Malette I am so happy that she was able to work with me-and glad that she gave me a plan of attack. I’m thinking of asking her to guest post on my blog-I know she could provide a lot of tips and suggestions!