SQUEEEEEEEEEEEE! New products from Annabelle for Spring 2014-Available in February!

Hello everyone! Just received a press release from Annabelle and wanted to share their new Spring 2014 products with you!  Get excited-there’s a lot to look at….lets dive in!

*I have not received (or purchased) any of these products….this is just the press release!*

Twist-up retractable eyeshadow crayon!


Further to the success and great popularity of the Annabelle® TwistUp Retractable Lipstick Crayon, one could only dream of easy-to-use, true colours for the eyes as well. There is something highly seductive, and incredibly practical, about an eyeshadow that doesn’t need a brush to be applied. It goes straight from the bullet to the lid; full-on, radiant colour. Just take the cap off and paint your eyes in 6 of the new Annabelle® TwistUp Retractable Eyeshadow Crayon. All 6 pastel metallic shades go on very pigmented and may be softened for a more subtle look. These colours are so light and bright they should be called eyelighters instead of eyeshadows.

Key features:
-Pastel hues, metallic finish

-Creamy, velvety-soft eyeshadows
-No-stick texture
-Super-smooth application with a rounded tip that glides on the skin

-Long lasting (10 h stay-on power)

-Paraben free

The eyeshadow is applied directly onto the skin – no applicator necessary! It may be blended or softened with the fingertip or with a brush. Once it settles, it promises not to budge for 10 hours. Really, the only remaining thing to ask for would be more hues!


Annabelle Big Show Lip Shine-NEW SHADES PEOPLE!

image005Key features
-Ultra-shiny lip gloss thanks to light-reflecting spheres that provide ultimate shine
-Non-sticky lip luster
-Luxuriously hydrating and antioxidant with Omega-6
-Sheer and semi-sheer colouring
-Paraben free



Annabelle lipliner-NEW SHADES PEOPLE!


Key features:
-Long wearing formula

-Smooth texture does not pull on lips


Outline and define your lips with endless colour possibilities.


Anyone else excited about using some new shades in fresh spring colors? I couldn’t possibly be alone in wanting to *spring* into spring!  Let me know what you’ll be using for spring in the comments below!

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