Review! I’m in the U.S. of A! 2 taste food & wine bar in Hyde Park NY!

During my brief stay in my homeland, my sister and her boyfriend took me to an awesome little eatery in their neck of the woods that I NEED TO TELL YOU ABOUT.

From the website:

2 Taste Food & Wine Bar is a comfortable and inviting, eclectic yet simple venue in Hyde Park NY.

Our focus is fresh food, carefully prepared and matched with excellent wines and genuine service.

The exhibition kitchen and chefs bar allows guests to relax and watch or interact with our CIA trained chefs as each offering is prepared with only the freshest bounty of the Hudson Valley. With the ever changing level of culinary creativity which leads to a desire to share many different dishes, we now offer a variety of small plates to meet the increasingly casual approach to dining.
Our seasonally inspired menu offers the best local ingredients, and you will see that

the best does not always have to cost more.

We have an extensive wine list including “Green Wines”… sustainable, bio dynamic and organic. Our wine flights are a fun way to sample a few at one time or we offer 20 different pours by the glass. In addition we also boast a

full bar with specialty cocktails and craft beers.
We encourage our guests to try something new, leave their comfort zone while creating a dining experience they will never forget.

Here at 2 Taste Food & Wine Bar,

we want you to feel like our family and best friends.

I took some photos for your viewing pleasure!

We ordered 2 appetizers, the duck confit tacos, and the wild boar pot stickers, the ONLY things I didn’t take photos of.  The duck confit tacos were spicy, and slightly salty, served quesadilla style.  The wild boar was served on top of fingerling potatoes.  I wasn’t a  huge fan of the boar, a bit too gamey for my taste but still tender.

Megan: wild boar was meh and sauce didn’t ‘mesh’ well with the food

John:  You have to be prepared for the wild boar, because it’s WILD BOAR

Me:  Yes to tacos!  Wild boar, not so much….then again, I’m’ not a fan of venison either due to it’s gamey-ness.  Wild foods aren’t my thing.

Next up, entrees. I had a seared chicken breast with apples, potatoes and brown sugar.  Megan had the maple Habanero Barbeque Duck Breast with Kale Chips and Homemade Mac N cheese, and John had the Hudson Valley Cattle Burger.

photo 3

Megan:  I didn’t understand how duck was supposed to be cooked and ordered it medium when I should’ve ordered it medium-rare.  It was still cooked perfectly for what I ordered. Kale chips were absolute perfection.

photo 2

John:  Burger was juicy and delicious-even though the roll was a bit flat. Fries were crispy.

photo 1

Me:  Chicken was absolutely delicious.  Apples were firm on the outside but soft on the inside and potatoes were seasoned just right.

I also ordered a drink-a raspberry tea cosmo-it was refreshing.

photo 4I was full but still curious….so yes, we ordered dessert….Megan had the Rocky & Bullwinkle ( a layered mousse), and I had the pear cheesecake and a butterfinger martini.  John had a coffee and bites of both of our desserts.

photo 4(1)Megan:  I liked the praline part of the mousse the best, the dark chocolate could be considered overpowering or dominant.  Texture was consistent.

John: I had a small taste of it but enjoyed it.

photo 3(1)Me:  The cheesecake was one of several offered and this was a great choice.  It didn’t have the dense-ness of typical cheesecake, it was light and airy. My sister guessed that it was probably whipped with a lot of frangipane, but couldn’t be sure. That was neither here nor there for me because it was DELICIOUS.  However, I had to have some of it packed due to the below.

photo 2(1)This drink was absolute perfection start to finish.  It was light and smooth and tasted exactly like a Butterfinger bar.  I had to finish this as sadly, alcohol & spirits can’t be packaged up “to-go.”  Yeah, I wasn’t really sad about that.  Delicious.

Overall, we all enjoyed this restaurant. The atmosphere is casual, the menu is not complicated. We liked that local ingredients were used in many dishes, the chefs are CIA (Culinary Institute of America) trained. Servers are friendly and knowledgeable.  No pretentiousness.  Best of all, food is delicious, well prepared. Thought was put into the menu and emphasis is on quality.

It was nice to come home and have a great meal.

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  • Mama Dukes

    You were in NY?

  • Rebecca

    Sounds so yummy. Hope your family is doing well. Happy Easter to you.

  • Kelly

    This is a nice place, obviously! I love how you reviewed this so thoroughly! The food looks good!

  • theendorsement

    Loved the review. Very detailed and adding pics for the visual was a perfect touch. Enjoyed the read at 3:00 am as insomnia has kicked in.