oh farleyco, oh farleyco, how I do adore thy ecotools…..

*I received these products for review*

You can have all the high end products you want……and they can sit in their pretty little boxes in your cute little IKEA storage units and plastic drawers.  As you stare at them lovingly (maybe pet them every now and again, but okay let’s not get THAT weird), remember one thing:

They won’t look awesome on your face without the right tools to get them on your face.

EcoTools & Real Techniques have come out with some *new* brushes/sponges/blenders that you need to check out.


I’m in love with this little gem right here-its called the Eco Tools Skin Perfecting Brush…and how interesting that it is a SUPER DUPE-R for my Dior brush, but not anywhere near the price.  It’s ideal for applying BB creams and blends them right into the skin. This product features an angled edge to easily apply product to ‘hard to reach areas of the face’ like the corners of the eye and the nose.  It is made with cruelty free bristles, has a recycled aluminum ferrule, and a sleek bamboo base.


I also love the Pure Complexion Facial Sponge-this is a version of the konjac sponge and I have one of those and LOVED IT.  This sponge gets into your pores for a ‘better’ clean and is made of natural vegetable fibers. It softens when wet. I use it with a foaming cleanser.

These 2 tools have found their way into my regular rotation and I will happily use and repurchase them.  That’s the other BIG thing I love  about EcoTools, the price.  FYI, the Skin Perfection brush retails for $9.99 CAD and the Facial sponge is $11.99 CAD.  Not too shabby.

Find EcoTools:

at these local retailers (in Canada):

  • London Drugs
  • Select Brunet
  • Select Lawtons Drugs
  • Select Pharmasave
  • Select Uniprix
  • I’ve seen EcoTools in Walmart but have not yet seen these products there-I’ll keep checking though!

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  • Debbie Duncan

    I haven’t seen that sponge. But, I sure will be looking out for it now. I also think I would like that brush. I believe that with a great brush even mediocre makeup goes on smoothly and looks good. Thanks for sharing!

    • meredith

      @Debbie Duncan this is my 2nd vegetable sponge and I really like them for a thorough cleanse in the evening. The brush is great and I am planning on a comparison video with my Dior brush.

  • Rebecca

    I’d like to try these too. Where can I find them?

    • meredith

      @Rebecca I updated the blog post with location information and like I told Kelly above, I have not yet seen these products in Walmart but will keep looking! They are worth it! They can be ordered from the FarleyCo website!

  • Kelly

    I take it that I can find these at Walmart?

    • meredith

      @Kelly I updated the blog post with location information. I have *not* seen these products at Walmart yet but I will keep checking.

  • Kelly

    I got these two and have been loving them so far! You really can’t deny how amazing the quality of their brushes and tools are and how affordable everything is!

    • meredith

      @Kelly AGREED. I’m going to do a short comparison of this brush and my Dior brush in my next makeup basket of the week video.