Keepin’ it Blonde with Provoke Touch of Silver!

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Having blonde hair is one thing-keeping it in fantastic condition is another thing entirely!  I’ve probably used it all in terms of maintenance-gloss, colour protecting shampoos, conditioners, deep conditioning masques, AND purple shampoos.  And I’m glad that I have all these options available to me, but have to admit that I’m not in *love* with my current purple shampoo and conditioner-mainly because the conditioner does NOT condition well and I am WAAAAYYYYY over the 5 minute detangle.


To understand how purple shampoo & conditioner like Touch of Silver work, let’s chat about colour theory.  Basically, opposing colours neutralize each other.   In the case of ‘blonde’ hair- it has the tendency to move to yellow/orange due to sun exposure, detergent based shampoos. The opposite of yellow/orange is purple violet.  Touch of Silver deposits violet colour pigment that neutralizes yellow tones in blonde hair.

colorwheelSo….now you have questions.  I’m going to answer them!

Touch of Silver Shampoo & Conditioner is used twice a week!

I have recently bleached my hair-when can I start to use touch of silver?

This is me right now-fresh color & highlights.  You CAN use Touch of Silver but not until at least 2 weeks after your color.  When you use for the first time after a color, leave the product on for 2-3 minutes, not the full 5 minutes.

Will my hair turn purple?

Touch of Silver IS a toning shampoo, so if you leave it on too long, you have the potential to develop a purple tinge to your hair.

When will I see results?

You’ll see results from the very first wash! Two applications is enough to keep the brass at bay!

Is Touch of Silver a Hair Dye?

Yes it is-a temporary one.  It washes out within 6-8 washes.  The violet pigment sits on the surface of the hair, unlike permanent or semi-permanent dyes penetrate the hair shaft.

Now, keep in mind that individual results will definitely vary.  Also, if you are sensitive to dyes, do a patch test first!

My thoughts?

The shampoo is your standard purple shampoo.  I leave it on for about 3 minutes because I’m pretty darn impatient. My Stand-OUT product in this duo is definitely the Intensive Treatment Conditioner.  I LOVE THIS.  It is so rich and so moisturizing and hydrating.  It leaves my hair tangle free and soft.  It’s amazing.

So yes, this is worth it-especially if you’re a blonde or silver or white haired FOXY LADY!  Try it!


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  • jillojello

    If I were still a blonde (never going to happen by the way) I would buy this in an instant. We use blue/purple based shampoos on dogs and cats in the salon and I can tell you it really makes a difference with them, but you completely sold me on it for people too.

    My dear friend Phil went grey at a very young age and when anyone would ask him how he managed to avoid that yellowness that happens with silver hair he would always say it was because of Touch of Silver. He must of had the whitest hair ever.