Fall into style-with Bench Canada ( Le homme edition)

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Thanks to Bench Canada & MacIntyre Communications for providing wardrobe that has seriously upped my Mister’s clothing game!

See what I did there? French in the title….hey, I’m trying!

In all seriousness, I decided to do something different this time.  Anyone with a partner (or maybe it’s you) will stumble upon some varying fashion ‘crisis’ …..a dilemma of sorts.  Whether it be an invitation where the dress code is listed as ‘smart casual’ or an evening out with friends at a local pub….or heck, even casual day at work.  What does one wear to these types of events?  Also, how does one dress when the weather may not be ideal or may be changing several times throughout the day (as is the case in Ontario at the moment).

Bench Canada has the answer to all of these questions.  My last post went through some of my favorite Fall items from their collection and I have to admit I am VERY impressed with their offerings for both women and men.  I decided to take a closer, more personal look (with MY mister) at the men’s offerings.  I sent my other half to the Bench store in the Eaton Centre and hoped for the best.  They did NOT disappoint-he received excellent service and came back with some great pieces.  Please see below for an ad-hoc photo shoot I did with him recently (cameo by our dog, Max).


Pieces shown:

t-shirt- Novice Short Sleeve Top

Jacket- Divert Zip Thru

bag- Placid B Holdall

Now when the mister says he’s going to hang out with friends or that it’s charity jeans day at the office, I can take comfort in the fact that Bench has got him covered-in a stylish way.  The pieces all work well together, and he can mix and match with jeans or a casual pant.  The jacket also works as a transitional piece for chilly Autumn mornings (it’s lined with fleece) and to keep him dry (the material repels the rain).  Even better, the Mister actually LIKES this and has expressed interest in buying more (fingers crossed all, fingers crossed).

Like I said before, I’m impressed.  And so is he……both of us were under the impression that Bench was strictly athletic wear (I have some more of the athletic pieces). Be sure to check out  Bench for Fall & Winter, you will be pleasantly surprised by their versatility and style.

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