What’s your weekend shoe situation? Try style with Sanuk!

I’m wondering if you are like me and have those days where you need to do a lot of running or even some lounging but may have to go outside.  What kind of shoe do you wear on THOSE types of days? Do you suck it up and drag out your boots or running shoes and socks?  Do you say screw it and throw your foot into a flat even though you’re in your yoga pants?


Sanuk has your answer.  I attended an event of theirs a while back (take a look).  Sanuk does not disappoint.  They have you covered for a stylish COMFORTABLE shoe that you can spend your weekend days in.

sanuk collage

Here are some of my favorites from the Fall/Winter collection:


sanuk boot sanuk flat

How do you treat your feet in the winter?  What’s your favorite run around shoe?

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  • Linda Kapasky

    I’m going to look at this website now,I need a new pair of shoes.