Irresistible Me extensions-my very first clip ins!

I’ve worn extensions before-last year in fact.  I’ve had fusion extensions and euro-lock extensions.  I loved them both but they were quite high maintenance….even for ME.  And the cost?  More than I’d care to admit.  I happily accepted an opportunity to try clip in extensions from Irresistible Me.


The extensions ship from China, so I expected to have a little bit of a wait for them. In reality, it was about two weeks-not terrible.   Inside the box, there are two compartments in the zip bag. Most of the hair is in the larger one, and there’s a security seal on it. The other side contains a single small weft, which can be used to check the texture and color match. Returns are only allowed if the seal on the larger compartment isn’t broken. I’m not sure if all brands do this, but I think it’s a smart way to allow returns.

The extensions are available in a pretty impressive range of shades – everything from platinum blonde to red to jet black. I picked Platinum blonde, which looked like the closest to my natural hair color – and for the most part I was right! The only possible complaint I have with the color is there are some unfinished parts in each weft – not really enough to be noticeable when you’re wearing them, but I clipped them out anyway with some cuticle scissors.

My first reaction when I started pulling the wefts out of the zipper bag was “oh wow, that’s a lot of hair.” My dream of having thick hair is finally fulfilled! In fact, there’s so much of it that sometimes I leave out a couple of the two-clip wefts. All that hair is divided up in to ten wefts of different sizes, so you can place them strategically around your head. Each one has between one and four clips, depending on the width. Attaching them is super easy – bend the clip to pop it open, slide it into your hair (you’ll want to part your hair horizontally first), and bend it again to snap it closed. As long as I slide the comb in snug to my scalp I don’t have any issues with them trying to fall out. The texture of the hair is just a little bit coarser than my hair, which is pretty fine.  Post curl & style, you can’t tell what’s my hair and what’s the extension, so I’m fine with the slight texture difference.  If I’m not feeling comfortable, I’ll don a cute hat.

irresistible me

Styling was a little bit of a learning curve; even though I got one of the shorter lengths, there’s still a pretty significant difference between my hair and the extensions, which makes it a bit harder to blend my hair in. I’ve had the best results when I blow-dry my hair straight(ish), and then use a curling iron to curl it along with the extensions. It holds a curl pretty well (I use thermal heat protector AND hairspray), and there’s some shedding. The hair is sewn into the weft, so you will lose a strand here and there the same as you do with your real hair.

Take a look:


Overall I do adore these.  Since I tend to change my hair color quite often, these extensions are going off to my stylist for a lowlight and a nice blend.

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