Poo-pourri is for me and you, and you, and you too!

I was sent this product for review

31PEYQTHorL._SY300_First things first-everyone poops.  There are books about it, t-shirts, and all sorts of ‘cheeky’ novelty items to explain away our bowel movements.  But let’s get serious….it’s not pleasant is it?  It’s necessary but not something that’s often discussed-especially among us lady-folk.


Poo-Pourri is an award-winning before-you-go toilet deodorizer that uses a special blend of essential oils to eliminate stinky and embarrassing bathroom odors. The before-you-go toilet spray is available in different sizes and scents. Poo-Pourri has received numerous rave reviews from magazines including Glamour, The Huffington Post and Beauty News NYC. 

Suprisingly enough, this is not a ‘new’ concept-people in Japan have been using a eucalyptus based product for years now.  The secret is out!

I’ve been using this product in the commode at home for 2 weeks now and am LOVING it.  It practically eliminates the need for the air freshener sprays, which don’t cover up the actual ‘issue’ (and you’re left with apple-cinnamon flavored number 2 scent-ick).  I am contemplating taking this to work as the ladies room seems to be a real ‘hot-spot’ after lunch hour; it would potentially  eliminate the need for me to talk to Human Resources about instituting a Jamaican Patty ban…..don’t get me started.  I think the overall message here with Poo-pourri is ‘hey look, we all have this situation, so let’s lessen the severity in a very chic and pleasant way.’  It works.  Try it.

Find Poo-pourri at NailPolish Canada (one of my favorite websites ever for nailpolish and more.  I just ordered the limited edition Hello Kitty polish set.  They have the latest collections for great prices and shipping is decent).

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