Valentine’s Day-are you ready?

Honestly? My significant other and I don’t really exchange gifts on V-day. There are several reasons for it, mainly that, we have Christmas, then his birthday, then mine, then our anniversary (don’t give gifts there either) 2 days prior to the 14th.  That’s a lot of gifting.

I don’t know what got me thinking about Valentine’s Day and gifting….maybe it’s the extra clusters of people (mainly women) around the ‘special up-front’ and cleverly placed merchandise displays abounding with chocolate and cards, and plush. But I’m thinking about it.  And I thought I’d go to the source and ask my ‘other’ what he would ideally LIKE to receive if he was to be gifted for Valentine’s Day (and it may happen, who knows).  Here are some items we BOTH would enjoy receiving as gifts for this popular ‘Hallmark’ holiday.

For Him:

ticketsWhile not my ‘favorite’ in terms of going out, a lot of people love at least one type of sports or sports in general.  Living in a city like Toronto, this is a great gift to give- especially if you have someone in your life that loves Hockey, Basketball, Baseball.  In addition, there’s soccer!


Guy’s night-similar to Ladies night (I would guess, never been to a guy’s night).  This could encompass many things….in my mind, I’m thinking a night at one of the casinos and an AYCE buffet.  Transportation to and from and/or an overnight stay could be the topper.  Kind of like a bachelor party sans ‘adult entertainment.’


I’ve got a tech-lover in my household.  That’s good when I need help with my computer but challenging when it comes to getting gifts.  I resort to gift cards-that way, he can spend the way he wants, on what he wants, and WHERE he wants.  My favorite spots are amazon and best buy.


Grooming products are always a good idea-but this can be tricky.  Your significant may not want a grooming routine similar to yours.  Gift something classy and upscale but also something that WORKS.  Also, be mindful that if your guy likes these products, you’ve probably just committed yourself to buying them for him for an infinite amount of time.  Just sayin’.  Some great brands that are man friendly-Kiehls, Beards & Beavers, Triumph & Disaster, Laniege.

For Her:


Bath & Body Products-you know whether the female in your life likes these because they will be EVERYWHERE in the bathroom (or is that just my bathroom).  There are many many products to choose from-bath bombs, bubble bath, body lotion, body butter, scrubs, soaps, sprays, and all sorts of potions that keep your lady smelling scrumptious.  My picks for stores that sell the best- Sweet Pea Soap Company, LUSH, Bath and Body Works.  An added bonus? Most of these stores have gift baskets pre-made, so choose the best looking one and away you go!


Dinner for two-Can’t go wrong with this one.  This is time spent together doing something you will both be doing anyway (eating).  Want to impress?  Put your phone down and focus.  My picks for dinner spots-an upscale Steakhouse, or a cute bistro or wine bar.   My ideal spot would be this great wood-fired pizza place (because of my NY roots, I CRAVE pizza.  All the time).


A romantic weekend-again, this is the ‘time together’ factor and could really score you some extra thoughtful points.   You could probably combine this with the casino for double the fun.  In fact, check the concert schedule at the casino and you could triple it if one of your significant’s favorite celebs is in town.

Gift-CardGift cards work both ways of course.  These always are to your advantage as it allows your special someone to spend their way-that way they always get something they like.  In addition to some of my favorite spots for gift cards like amazon, how about a gift card to a day spa in the area?  They will more than likely have some great Valentine’s Day spa packages available.  Hint: Don’t groupon this.  Trust me. 

For Both:


A card is a must….whether it be handmade, or from the card store.  And add a bit more than just your name.  If you need inspiration, google “Valentine’s Day card.”

Hope this helped you or at least gave you some direction.  Like I said, I don’t normally exchange gifts but this is a good time to make sure that your other half knows that you appreciate them.  He/She may already KNOW that but SAYING it means a lot.

Happy Valentine’s Day all!  Check out this funny Salute to Valentine’s Day video I found on the internets.

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