Inecto Coconut Oil spray & Inecto Coconut moisture cream

I received one of these products for review and purchased the other one with my very own money!!!



From the website-Hair oil:

Smooth and style parched hair and make it look super glossy with this nourishing hair oil infused with Pure Organic Coconut Oil. Your hair will smell gorgeous too.


Use a pea-sized amount to towel-dried hair or wet hair, style as normal and admire the shine.

From the website-moisture cream

Soothe dry skin and make it say ahhh with this super rich cream. Infused with Pure Organic Coconut Oil to rehydrate and lock in moisture. Your skin will be left smelling amazing too!


Smooth over skin, massaging in until it has all sunk in. Double apply on any rough spots.

coconut oil

coconut cream

My thoughts:

I’ve used both the spray and the moisturizer.  In terms of the spray (for hair), I am in LOVE with the scent.  So much better than Moroccan oil.  Also the texture.  This is very serum-like and a DROP is all I use on my ends to keep the frizz at bay.  The moisturizer is a wonderful texture as well, light and fluffy (like a whipped body butter,which are my favorite kinds).  It is FULL of hydration and takes about 10 seconds to sink into the skin.  I wasn’t as fond of the scent of the moisturizer-it was coconut but I still smelled a lot of ‘wax.’

Overall I will use these until they are gone.  I don’t tend to use many oils in my hair so this product will last a while for me.  If you have dry hair or swear by Moroccan Oil or Frizz-Ease, I highly recommend you give the inecto spray a try.  I’m more than certain you will like it better than what you’re using now (and so will your wallet).  The moisture cream is good but I still have others that I would pick over this one-and the only real reason I can give is because I loathe and abhor ‘waxy’ scents.

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