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I’ve put my hair through a lot of processes for the past 30 years-it’s time to give back. Several days ago, on my quest to achieve THE perfect blonde, I went to the salon and had several hi-lift blonde shades put into my hair.  So right now, my hair is quite fragile and needs a lot of TLC.   I’ve been using Pantene Age Defy Shampoo & Conditioner for almost 2 weeks (prior to the hi-lift application) and I’d like to share my ‘findings’ with you.


What Pantene says about the Age Defy Shampoo & Conditioner:

Age Defy-Instantly restores youthful vitality

Protecting your hair from its natural aging process just got easier.  Pantene Expert Age Defy shampoo fights all seven signs of aging, from unruly frizz to split ends.  Backed with a conditioner with Advanced Pro-V Molecular Technology, fragile hair is coated with a thin, protective layer on the surface helping to shield hair from maturing. 

Suggested price $9.99 CAD at mass market retailers for 9.6 fl. oz. (shampoo) or 8.0 fl. oz. (conditioner)

Now I will tell you that Age Defy isn’t ‘new’ to me-I’ve used it before (with great results) and I remember there being a masque (which was a godsend and I went through that quickly) and a hair thickening serum that went into the root.  I’m not sure if Pantene will continue to carry the other 2 items-I kind of hope they do as I really liked those. UPDATE:  The Thickening Treatment is still available AND Pantene is unveiling new hair masques very soon (good because my hair is THIRSTY) Price point for the Pantene ‘Expert’ collections are higher than the ‘regular’ collections.  Also, the labeling and design of the bottle has changed slightly-that’s not a bad thing.

I’ve stopped being ‘spontaneous and impulsive’ and have resorted to going to a professional to have my hair chemically processed.  I’m that gal who wants the latest trends-ombre, sombre, pastels, dark, and now blonde.  Let’s not forget my ‘extensions’ phase-which lasted about 9 months last year.  So I ‘do’ quite a bit to my hair.  I need a shampoo & conditioner to provide nourishment and strength while I scan my pinterest board for the next big hair trend.  And let us not forget, I’m not getting any  younger.

So does Age Defy step up to the plate for my hair?  Thankfully, YES.   The shampoo cleanses without over-drying.  The conditioner gives me enough hydration-I mainly put my conditioner on the ends which are the lightest (right now).  Yes I heat style my hair….I try to use only one hot tool every couple of days, meaning I blowdry my hair after washing but won’t use an iron on it.  The next day I may use an iron or even the day after. Because my hair has been lightened, I only shampoo every 2-3 days.

In the future, my plan is to alternate my purple toning shampoo & conditioner with the Pantene Age Defy.  I can use all the strength and vitality I can get! Yes I will pay $20.00 for this collection, it’s worth it! My stylist commented that my hair was very healthy (and didn’t even bother trying to sell me any of the salon products).

bottom line?  Try it-it’s not a ‘typical’ drugstore shampoo/conditioner.  This duo can easily be worked into almost any hair care product rotation!

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