Fun in the sun-with Swatch The Eyes sunglasses!

Oh Ontario, will summer ever get here?  After shoveling the front and back of the house this morning, I was happy to speak on the new swatch ‘Swatch The Eyes’ collection-I’m California Dreamin’ right now.

From the press release:

three shapes, 210 different style combinations-
swatch presents “SWATCH THE EYES”- the ultimate interchangeable look

Swatch the Eyes offer heaps of personalization possibilities, as different combinations provide individual style signatures. A total of 3 classical round, edgy squared or winged core shapes host an exciting palette of 30 patterned, bi-color and mono-chrome front designs.




swatch 4


so in a nutshell, these are customizable sunglasses….with a clip on piece.  I haven’t seen these in person (yet) but if anyone can pull this off, it’s swatch.  I’m interested to see it live that’s for sure-what about you?


By the way, just in case you are wondering, these are sold as a pair of glasses (ranging between $100-$130CAD).  Additional clip ons can be purchased for $55-$70 CAD.  Pricing is decent but I’m interested to see how sturdy these are.



To find swatch, check out

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