CND to the rescue!! #CNDRescueKit and my pretty feet!

*I received this kit for review. Opinions are mine*


Okay Ladies and Gents we have finally arrived-it’s manicure and pedicure season.  Now is the time that we are wearing less clothing and exposing more skin.  And ’tis the season to make sure your fingernails and toenails are on point!  Let CND help you perfect your summer mani/pedi with the #CNDRescueKit


This kit contains everything you need to have summer perfect nails and/or toes.

CND Essential Treatments:


SCRUBFRESH® gets nails so fresh and so clean! Make the most of every manicure and pedicure by using SCRUBFRESH® in advance. This natural-nail surface cleanser preps nails for any nail service. SCRUBFRESH® clears away dirt, oil and contaminants, and temporarily dehydrates the nail plate. This makes it easier for VINYLUX® and nail enhancements to adhere to nails, and helps manicures and pedicures last longer. Helps prevent nail enhancements from lifting, and prolongs the wearability of color. SCRUBFRESH® nail surface cleanser also leaves behind pathogen fighters which help prevent nail infections. Use after COOLBLUE® water-free hand cleanser to fully prep nails.

Cuticle exfoliating treatment that really works. CUTICLE ERASER® from CND® uses a conditioning blend of alpha-hydroxy acids (A.H.A.s) to gently, yet effectively exfoliate cuticles. This helps prevent cuticle build-up, and in doing so, helps to prevent hangnails. CUTICLE ERASER® also conditions skin and nourishes the natural nail plate, making it more than just an average cuticle care product. Great for home use and available in sizes for clients to take home. Pair CUTICLE ERASER® with VINYLUX® Weekly Polish to create your most compelling manicure yet.

CND® SOLAROIL® cuticle conditioning treatment is an award-winning favorite among nail professionals and clients. What’s the fuss about? A synergistic blend of naturally light oils and vitamin E, SOLAROIL® offer intense therapy for dry, damaged cuticles. Jojoba oil carries the vitamin E deeply into the skin, reducing visible signs of aging and keeping hands soft and supple. Repeated use actually drives the oils deeper in the natural nail, for results that only get better with time. Nails hold color and enhancements better, feel stronger and more flexible. SOLAROIL® features a super-penetrating formula that works wonders on nails and cuticles. Send clients home with a bottle after every treatment, and make your manicures look (and last!) even better.

Vinylux Weekly Polish:


7-day, chip-resistant wear, Fast-drying, 2 step application. Brilliant shine that lasts and increased durability with natural light-sounds good to me!! VINYLUX® Weekly Polish delivers week long wear. Choose from over 100 fashion-forward shades and reinvent yourself, weekly.  It’s also 7 free!

Rescue Rxx:

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A highly effective new treatment from CND that repairs damaged nails with the power of Keratin protein and moisturizing jojoba oil. With daily use, peeling and white spots are dramatically reduced. See a difference daily.

So did it make a difference for me?  

Why yes it did.  I’m a dedicated gel polish addict so I put the #CNDRescueKit to the test on my feet.  I put my feet through the ringer every day-between workouts, dog walks, and ballet class.   Let’s not forget my past-I was in the military and lived in combat boots for a significant amount of time.  Every year, I do my walk of shame to the spa and come out with beautiful feet.  I have been applying the cuticle eraser and solar oil on a daily basis and am finally not embarrassed to show my feet-check it out (and I’m in one week already!)


if you’re looking for ways to improve your fingernail/toenail condition and really rock your manicure and pedicures this summer, I highly suggest you check out #CND.

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