Things I’m craving lately-you’ll want to read this…..or maybe you won’t!

Disclaimer-I have not purchased any of these items.  YET.  This disclaimer is important.  Read on.

I have been finding myself window shopping on the internet lately.  I open my computer and then before I know it, I have 10 extra tabs open because I just read or learned about this or that and of course I ‘need’ it.  Enter my other half…..he has always says that I just ‘buy things to buy them.’  So I’ve been challenging myself NOT to do that (and for those of you that watch me on YouTube, you’ll notice I have not been on lately. Blame him).  But in the spirit of a true shopper, I’ve decided to list a few items that I’m interested in….and some people I’ve been watching (*cough* obsessed with).  Check it out below and let me know if you like what I’m doing here.  Links are included for every item I MAY purchase so if you are interested, you’re welcome!

Paris Hilton Gold Rush perfume-yup, you read that right.  This is her 20th fragrance-who knew?  I’m also a fan of Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, and J-Lo’s fragrance.  YES.  But I don’t know where to buy this in Canada yet-anyone have an idea?


Paris Hilton Gold Rush Eau de Parfum The captivating beauty of Old Hollywood glamour is sparkling and bright in this sensual fragrance from Paris Hilton. The warmth and radiance of gold and the rush of two hearts colliding are captured in this sweet and woody blend. Bask in the intoxicating glow of Gold Rush.  

Sorry can’t I have to walk my unicorn t-shirt-I’ve seen this on several millennials lately and find it fits my life as well.

sorry can't

This is where I may (or may not order this item from)-and I like it because this graphic can be on a t-shirt, tank or this cool 80’s wide neck sweatshirt.

Cool YouTuber alert-VampBeauty.  Honestly I ignore most of YouTube’s recommendations because they are *not* recent and/or completely NOT what I would watch.  EXCEPT this.  Her name is Michelle, she claims to be a lunatic but I think she is REAL and so so cool.  I watch her for her anti-hauls (see Kimberly Clark) and for her very honest thoughts about everything from cats to makeup to mental health.

Screen Shot 2016-07-10 at 8.03.55 PM


The Aurora Band Night Roller– hey have you seen this?  It’s basically a band with foam that you wrap your hair around and sleep on.  I’ve heard varying reviews on this-that it’s too uncomfortable and that its amazing. I want to point out- VintageorTacky (another great youtuber) did a video on this, you CAN do it with a soft hair wrap. But that doesn’t stop me from wanting to purchase this.  And I was in the Army, so sleeping UN-comfortably is kind of a natural thing for me.


Leslie Sansone Pilates Inspired at Home Walk-I am a Leslie fan and have been since she first started doing videos.  Shout outs to simplemom16 who reviews workout videos and shows herself on camera going through the workout.  Before you dismiss these workouts as ‘too-easy’ and for beginners, I’ll have you know, a 45 minute Leslie workout will have your heart pumping and reaching for your towel to wipe your sweaty face.  Not convinced? She has downloads available-try one of those.


Bread and Circus Jewelry-Canadian business alert.  I found this via one of my co-workers from a (past) job in the financial services industry (not for me).  This jewelry is beautiful-and the reason it’s so beautiful is that it’s what I call ‘perfectly imperfect.’  There is something for most tastes on this site and it’s incredibly personal. In addition, supporting local businesses is a ‘thing’ for me.  The piece I’m currently coveting is the wraparound ballerina ring:



Ritual Hair Skin Beauty.  Ontario business alert.  So, I’m absolutely shocked that I have NOT been here. I know 3 or more people who work here in varying capacities.  And I just became aware that two of the best nail technicians I know are working here now!  What I’m interested in recently is eyebrow embroidery, a.k.a microblading, a.k.a. tattooed brows.  So since I know my mother is probably reading this post, do not worry, do not fret.  I’ve been told (and seen for myself) that Heather Seo is the BEST in the area. No harm in going in for a consult and then going to see Patty for a facial, and Liz/Dylan for my nail needs.  While I’m there I may also check the hair side of things out.  AND I’ve been told they have a cosmetic injector that’s pretty fab.  Hmmmm…..looks like I’ll be budgeting into next year.  But if I can have a ‘one-stop shop’ shouldn’t I?



Twinkledeals-what is this sorcery?  I just found this today and I don’t even know HOW.  I haven’t heard anyone talking about this but upon first glance it seems like it’s a more fashion oriented Aliexpress or Wish type site?  It’s certainly very interesting-I’m checking out a lot of the fashion and trying to zoom in to see if the pieces are cheaply made or not.  It may be worth taking my chances on an impending Canada Post lockout…..if you have bought anything from Twinkledeals or have experience with it, could you let me know?

Screen Shot 2016-07-10 at 8.38.09 PM


So here’s the important part…..and if you are still reading, good for you!  Remember at the beginning, when I said the disclaimer was important?  Well if you’re still here, that’s because I am going to do a giveaway. In the comments below, tell me what item or items you think I will purchase from any of the items above.  I will reveal my answer next week and draw a random winner from all comments even if you didn’t guess correctly.  The giveaway won’t be incredibly large-expect the retail value to be around $25CAD keeping in mind it would be more if Canada Post does not get locked out.  If there is a lockout, I will have to ship via courier and that’s more expensive.  Good luck to all of you and thanks for reading this far.  Giveaway will close on Sunday, July 17th at 11:59pm.  Open globally and if under 18, get your parents permission as you will have to provide me with an address if chosen as the winner.  I’m not responsible if your prize gets lost but will do my best to make sure you receive if you are chosen.  Thanks all!





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