My most recent trip to the Missha store….

I suppose I could call this post ‘I just went in for cotton pads’  because that’s usually what I intend on doing.  I always sit in the parking lot and say to myself, “You just need the cotton pads, you JUST NEED the cotton pads.”  But as I found out after posting on instagram, it almost never works out that way, a.k.a. many of you reading this CAN relate when it comes to beauty purchases.  So let’s get to it.

I am a lucky girl….I live in a city of over 2 million people and if you count the area immediately surrounding the city, then there is over 4 million.  4 million different people and all their multicultural goodness.  I suppose that’s why I have a Missha store in my area…it’s inside a grocery store (it’s not big) but it’s big enough.  To justify all this, I DID get my cotton pads-because that’s usually the other thing that happens (I don’t purchase what I originally needed/intended to buy).  Raise your hand if that’s you because I can’t be alone. Or can I?  In addition, when I walked in, the salesperson told me everything was 15% off (unless it was on another promotion).


Missha The Premium Cotton Pads-I don’t know how ‘premium’ these are, but I sure like them.  I like almost any cotton pad from Missha except their lowest price version (name escapes me).  These remind me of my beloved Shiseido cotton (but at a slightly better price point-however, if my mother is reading these, I’m sure she will scoff at the $7.00 CAD).  Don’t we all remember using cotton balls that cost $1.00 at some point in our lives?  When did cotton get to be such a ‘thing?’ For me, things changed when I started using cotton to remove my eye makeup-a simple cotton ball just doesn’t cut it and makeup remover wipes are too harsh for my eyes.  I also will sometimes use these to APPLY skincare-emulsion or toner, that is.

Foot Doctor 30 minute peeling mask- this is similar to the famous Baby Foot peeling mask for the feet minus the hour sitting time.  This mask contains an acid (usually fruit/plant based).  Placing the feet in the booties filled with the acid, then rinsing them off.  2-3 days later, the feet start to peel revealing brand new ‘baby’ soft skin.  Haven’t tried this yet, but interested because of the 30 minute down time versus 60 or more minutes.

Mymi wonder patch-I’ve talked about these for a while now.  This is my 4th package (each package contains 5 patches) and I never buy this unless they are on a promotion of some sort.    This is a patch with herbs that claims to slim your abdomen.  For me, when I am on target with my nutrition and exercise, these do make a difference.  At the very least, I am very aware I am wearing them because they heat up. Google & amazon review sites aren’t incredibly positive-but I think that could be due to unrealistic expectations.  Honestly, the only thing that’s going to get rid of the fat is you working towards getting rid of it (exercise, eating right, heck, even surgery).

Bordeaux absolute body milk-I bought this as it was on a ‘special’ promotion (meaning this product is more than likely on its way out).  It’s a lotion that’s made with wine extracts (don’t get any ideas about putting it in a glass) and a special golden grapeseed oil.  It has anti-aging and moisturizing properties.  I can always use another body lotion-if this one wants to improve the look of my aging skin, thumbs up.

Dr. G Essence 9-this was a recommendation from the person working at the store.  I was looking around for a serum and one that was on the ‘lighter’ side for my oily skin.  I chose this because this is kind of an all in one  and can be used several different ways-immediately after cleansing skin, after toning as an essence, OR as a moisturizer as the ‘final’ step.  How could I go wrong with this?

A’PIEU Harutatoo lip tint-Do I even need to say more? This has been the subject of MANY YouTube videos.  So I’ve jumped on board.  I’ll take a lip stain that lasts….heck maybe I’ll even do a video on it.

Missha The Style Tint Velvet Gradation-this is a twist up product that apparently has a bold color and a velvety matte finish….this product was also on ‘special’ promotion although the Missha US website still has this available.  The color I picked up is Ironic Pink and yes, I picked it up because of the name.

A’PIEU cotton sample- what’s a trip to the Asian beauty store without samples?  I will use this for travel for sure. Not sure how this differs from ‘The Premium” that I purchased but I’ll find out when I take it with me for travel.

And there you have it…..I’d love to hear about your recent hauls-especially if they include any Asian beauty products!




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