Looking for brighter skin? Reveal your bright with L’Oreal Paris Revitalift Influenster VoxBox

I received these products through Influenster VoxBox.

I truly and honestly have mixed feelings about L’Oreal Paris.  Some products I like, some products I do NOT like and lately, their high price point is a big-turn off.  I was surprised to receive this box and wanted to give these products a thorough run through (been using for 2 weeks) and give you an HONEST review.


From the campaign:

Reveal your bright-Our daily UV exposure, natural aging, hormonal changes, and past acne marks cause an overproduction of skin darkening pigment making our skin look dull with an uneven tone.  As we age, our natural ability to shed dead skin cells declines resulting in dark spots and uneven tone becoming increasingly more visible.  

L’Oreal Paris Revitalift Bright Reveal is our first dermatologist-inspired skincare line powered with :

  1. Glycolic, a dermatological gold standard in brightening and anti-dark spot care
  2. Vitamin Cg, a known anti-oxidant with photo-protective properties
  3. Pro-Retinol, improves skin renewal minimizing wrinkles and uneven tone

Initially I thought, ‘dermatologist-inspired’? My mind is conjuring images of L’Oreal Paris staff in a lab mixing ‘a little of this, and a little of that’ with their white coats.  Honestly, I’d probably change that wording….dermatologist-inspired doesn’t make me feel incredibly confident.  However, L’Oreal Paris is a global ‘household’ name so I went with it.

The Routine:

Day time

Brightening Daily Scrub cleanser gently exfoliates and exudes radiance.  Every morning and evening, lather with wet hands, gently massage into skin in a circular motion.

Brightening Daily Lotion-Visibly brightens skin, evens tone and reduces the look of wrinkles.  Every morning, smooth over cleansed skin.  Apply prior to sun exposure. Suitable for all skin types

Night time

Brightening Daily scrub cleanser gently exfoliates and exudes radiance.  Every morning and evening, lather with wet hands, gently massage into skin in a circular motion.

Brightening peel pads-Resurfaces uneven skin, immediately brightens, reduces wrinkles with 10% glycolic complex.  Use nightly after cleansing, massage into skin in a circular motion (avoiding eye area)

Brightening Dual Serum and Lotion Overnight Moisturizer-exfoliates dull skin and infuses a brightening formula into skin.  Every night smooth over cleansed skin.

Does it work?

Short answer?  Yes.  I’ve been using it for almost 2 weeks (continuously-day and night) and I really do have brighter skin.  The texture has improved as well.  I will say that the peeling pads (if you have sensitive skin) may sting or tingle a bit because of the Glycolic acid but it’s not unbearable.  I recommend this line if you are trying to improve your skin texture AND need to shed some dullness.  Using this line and being diligent with facials will improve your skin.


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