oh, just some beauty favorites…

Totally inspired to do a favorites post.  No other reason!

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Tarte Amazonian Clay shimmering powder in Champagne-this product was gifted to me and I honestly don’t think they make it in the shimmery quilted packaging that I have.  This is a beautifully buttery highlight with the right amount of shimmer.  It can be built up but looks beautiful wherever it’s applied. 

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Covergirl trunaked roses eyeshadow palette (I received this for review).  Honestly when this arrived, I wasn’t thrilled. Mainly because I’m that girl that will look like I have pink eye with pink shadows.  I was pleasantly surprised with this palette especially with the not-so-shimmery colors, they blend very well and look great on my lids!
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Nivea Creme Care All-in-One Facial Cleansing lotionI received this in from ChickAdvisor. It’s an alternative to my cleansing oil and I am a dedicated pre-cleanser girl.  This is a great option as it’s very  lightweight but still helps dissolve the makeup.  Great for sensitive types, too.

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Kevin Murphy Angel Wash Shampoothis is my ride-or-die when I have my extensions in.  It’s a good-for-your-hair product and is heavenly in scent.  I wash my extensions less than I wash my own hair and this product gets the gunk out but doesn’t strip my hair.

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Jill’s homemade scrub in citrus.  Jill made the mistake of gifting me a coffee version of this scrub over the summer and I have reminded her (often) that I go through it quickly and that she needs to make me another.  This scrub is made with coconut oil and leaves skin soft (like skip the body lotion soft).  She gave me the citrus version below and we all can tell that I’m going to need a new one soon.  She keeps trying to give me the recipe for it, and I keep declining-because it ‘means so much to me’ to receive one for her.  Sorry, I’m lazy.  Jill-can you float me the recipe?  I really should try to make it myself.  once.

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Etude House Double Lasting Foundation.  Etude House is my favorite Korean Beauty Brand and after I saw Liah Yoo review this, I went to the site and ordered immediately.  This is a long wearing foundation but it is no Estee Lauder Double wear. This is the foundation I wear to work, it gets me through an 8 hour day (with a midday blot but that’s because my skin is oily).  I like the finish-it’s not matte, it’s not dewey, but somewhere in-between. Screen Shot 2016-10-22 at 3.32.05 PM


Missha blotting papers-a necessity for the oily skinned.  I have one package at my desk and one package that goes into my purse at all times.  I actually panic when I don’t have them-these are great because they lift the oil and leave the makeup.  Screen Shot 2016-10-22 at 3.32.21 PM

TONYMOLY Pocket Hair Pack minibling-Korean sheet masques are fantastic, but these hair packs are AWESOME.  This one I really like to use when I have my extensions in because it’s for the longer part of your hair.  To use, you put your damp, clean hair in a ponytail , slide the little wrap over the ponytail, secure it with the tabs on the wrap and massage the essence into the hair.  Leave on for 15-30 minutes, and remove the wrap.  Style hair as usual….I love this because my hair is soft, shiny and smells great.

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