Avon Prima perfume, body lotion, and shower gel-twirling it’s way into my fragrance lineup

*I bought these products with my own money*

My biggest grip with Avon perfumes?  They don’t last….maybe it’s my skin or maybe it’s just that they don’t last. I always look to see what Avon is doing-and I don’t love everything but I do browse their campaigns.  So I was curious about Prima, their new ‘ballerina inspired’ fragrance. Mainly because they mentioned that it’s ‘long lasting’-something I’ve never seen written on any Avon fragrances or described in their campaign

Avon’s newest perfume, Prima, is twirling into your beauty repertoire, and embodying its beautiful yet strong essence is American Ballet Theatre star Courtney Lavine. The dancer is featured in the new perfume’s campaign. “Being an accomplished ballerina is about so much more than looking pretty and perfecting your pirouette,” says Lavine. “It takes drive, dedication, and self‐reliance, which is why I’m so proud to be working with Avon — a company that’s committed to empowering women through beauty and entrepreneurship.” Lavine’s first perfume memory is of her mother wearing a popular ‘80s scent. “I’d smell it and recognize my mom,” she says.  Smelling fresh on stage is something of a charitable act; as maintaining a pleasant fragrance amid all of the movement becomes its own special project. “Sometimes someone will have something nice on and we say ‘what is that? You smell great,’” she laughs. Ballerinas: They’re just like us. They buy perfume! “Prima is such a delicate yet powerful fragrance; it makes me feel pretty and poised at the same time,” Lavine says.

Fragrance description

Prima opens with lush top notes of plum, its sweetness tempered with a hint of tangy bergamot. Next, it unfolds into a rich heart of rose centifolia, a beautiful blossom boasting ruffled pink petals, echoing the folds of a dancer’s skirt. Rich clearwood, a woodsy note that’s reminiscent of a ballet studio’s barres, is at the base, combining with oakmoss and patchouli for a graceful finish.

So what do I think?

I love this perfume.  It reminds me of ballet (used to take lessons last year) and it really does last, unlike other perfumes from Avon.  I do recommend that you purchase the shower gel and lotion if you want to wear this and layer it.

Prima is available from Avon wherever Avon is sold.  Please go to their website for more information or to find a representative.

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