Rimmel Scandaleyes reloaded mascara review-and a twist at the end

*the Scandaleyes mascara(s) were sent to me for review.  The Volume Colourist mascara was purchased by me*

I LOVE MASCARA.  Honestly it’s what keeps me going some days.  When I’m not wearing it (as was the case recently-but that’s another story for another day), people notice, and ask me what’s wrong. Also, I love the ‘action’ of applying it-anyone else do the same?  I actually enjoy applying mascara to my lashes.  So that being said, I was super happy and grateful to receive these Scandaleyes mascaras for review.

My thoughts:

The good:

This mascara gives nice length and so-so volume.  It does remove quite easily with my makeup remover and a cotton pad.  It ‘plays’ nicely with my lash primer and tight-lining mascara which is a plus for me as I don’t like to go without primer and tight line.  The extreme black color is my personal favorite although I don’t see a huge difference between black and extreme black.  The formula is more of a ‘wet’ one, so if applying more than one coat is your “thing”, you can-but just wait a few seconds between coats.  I apply 2 coats and didn’t have an issue with my lashes being weighed down.  Minimal to zero lid transfer, and didn’t have any flakes while wearing over the course of a work day (8 hours).  I did wear the waterproof during my workout and it held up-so you can sweat in this (Please note, I did not sweat profusely during my workout so if you are asking me if this will hold up during your hot yoga class, I can’t comment).

The not so good:

These mascaras are just……big.  Big in size (packaging) , with a jumbo brush-look at the photos.  And to be honest, they just aren’t my favorite from Rimmel.  The big brush makes it nearly impossible to work on the lashes closer to the inner corner of my eye.  There is a very noticeable chemical smell when the tubes are opened-it doesn’t stick around, but it’s definitely there.


I won’t be purchasing these Scandaleyes mascaras from Rimmel again.  I will use these (and appreciate them being sent to me) but the brush is challenging for me and I don’t like the smell.

There really is!  I didn’t want to end on a ‘not-so-great’ note so I want to tell you about the mascara (from Rimmel) that I REALLY REALLY LOVE.  Read on…

Looking to get fuller, darker lashes?

Open your eyes to darker lashes with or without mascara with Wonder’lash Volume Colourist mascara with Lash Tint Complex™

• Gradually tint bare lashes in 2 weeks.*
• Instantly, lashes appear fuller and longer.
• Results from 2 weeks onwards of continuous usage.
• The semi-permanent tint will wear off after last use.
• Tapered, lash-intensifying brush wraps every lash with blacker than black pigments for immediate jet black volume, giving you darker, sexier lashes. 

All good things:

So THIS mascara is one that I truly love and can actually back up the claims behind the tinting.  I have blonde/lighter lashes and am a devoted mascara wearer.  This product does a great job with coating my lashes-and I LOVE the tapered brush.  I get a great amount of length AND volume with this.  This mascara removes easily with makeup remover and also gets along with my lash primer and tight line product that I use daily.  I find that people will ask what mascara I’m wearing when I wear this.  The added benefit of the tint is the icing on the cake and I don’t get that strong chemical smell from this product.


This mascara gets 2 thumbs up from me and I have repurchased it twice more.  This is one I will recommend over and over again.

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