Because you (may) want to know…..what I’ve been up to.

I have to say my original ‘goal’ of blogging twice a week has fallen by the wayside.  This is bittersweet to me as I feel like I may be growing out of this blog and may either totally revamp it, start another, or quit blogging all together.  So many sponsored posts with the title ‘Blogs are dead’ keep showing up in my feeds and on my timelines.  I’m wondering if this is universally directed…..don’t get me wrong, I like blogging.  I just think that there are other areas where I want to focus my efforts at the moment (career, lifestyle, family-not in that order).

So here’s where I’ve been or rather what I have been doing rather than blogging about beauty products & skincare.

Lifestyle-because I don’t want to call it a diet or healthy eating.  If you follow me on facebook/Instagram, you would’ve noticed I’ve been posting a lot of food photos.  I don’t know how this came about or where I saw it but somehow I have ‘found’ the engine 2 diet.  The short summary of this diet is that it’s plant based and oil free.  Sounds tough? You betcha….I did their 7 day rescue (which is a nice way of saying you’re detoxing from meat, sugar, and fat-and it’s going to hurt) and haven’t looked back (yet).  I have been cooking and prepping my food a lot more.  It’s making me incredibly aware of all the garbage I had been eating, my extreme addiction to sugar (which is going to take a long time to kick) and the fact that I need to straighten up with what’s going into my mouth.  It ain’t easy that’s for sure but I’m working through it.  I’m giving myself the full 28 days-make-it-a-habit time, then tossing in some extra movement.  In case you’re interested, the 2 books I’m referencing are in the image below. If you are in the US, engine 2 diet foods are available at Whole Foods market.


The Engine 2 books I am reading



I had the opportunity to attend an Internet retail conference in June in Chicago. I was already leaning towards e-commerce and more ‘digitally oriented’ marketing concepts but this conference really piqued my interest.  It coincides nicely with a project I’m working at work and I find the work more ‘digestible’ because I’m actually interested in it.  Since returning from the conference I purchased a multitude of reference books, taken 2 workshops and 3 more courses on the subject matter.  2 of my favorite books are below. The bigger one is 900 pages and I met one of the author’s in person.  Highly recommended if you are thinking about getting involved in any kind of digital marketing and/or e-commerce.

reference books

The Art of SEO & Social e-commerce. 2 of my must reads

Beauty & Skincare:

For those of you who read/watch me mainly for beauty & skincare, here’s what I’ve been wearing lately.  Shockingly my eyeshadow palette is from Walmart (Hard Candy Neutral Eyes).  I think this particular one rivals some of my Too Faced palettes-some of the Hard Candy shadows are actually better in my opinion.   I did just review the Miracle Finish oil control water cushion foundation from the Face Shop….one thing I have to mention is that I am VERY disappointed that they do not sell refills for this.  You have to buy the entire compact again.  Wasteful in my opinion. Not sure I’m going back for more.  The Pacifica Dream Big Unicorn mascara is a newer favorite….it has a wand that you can shrink and expand by turning the bottom to target volume, length, or both volume & length.  I will warn you, it’s a ‘wet’ formula so if you aren’t into those,you may not like it.  I like it for the effect and it is a natural mascara.  MAC Double Gleam is by far my favorite highlighting product-I use it daily and can’t recommend it enough. The Covergirl blush in 200 medium rose is a wallet friendly baked blush.  My pro-tip with this is to NOT have a heavy hand-it’s quite pigmented.  And of course, I can’t forget my Bunny Face oil from Honey & Petals.  I use this every night on my face and have really streamlined my nighttime skincare routine because of it.  It’s the right combination of oils that does not make my face greasy and it’s also a natural product.  I highly encourage you to support this woman-owned, local business.  You will be glad you did.

Beauty products

Some of my favorite beauty & skincare items lately


A lot of people that know me will say that I’ve been under a rock or MIA, and I can’t disagree with that.  I’ve not been very ‘social’ or ‘entertaining’ lately. I’m not entirely sure why-it’s certainly not personal (so if you are thinking of that, relax).  Maybe it’s because I’m in a different space, or maybe it’s because I’m tired or maybe it’s because I’m hiding. It could be all or none of that. I have been spending time with my immediate ‘family’ -and trying to make the most of it.  I’ve noticed lately that for all the time I am working, posting, and sitting behind this screen, that actual people in my life are getting older, and accomplishing things, and completing milestones.  I’ve also noticed an unfortunate increase the amount of sorrow and horrible things occurring in the world from death(s) to natural disasters to horrific crimes (a major reason that I’m against having a child-I can’t bear to know that they are growing up in such an uncertain/terrifying time).  A lot of people tell me ‘….oh but that’s always been going on, you just didn’t know about it.’  Maybe for some things, but definitely not for all the things I’ve seen/read about/heard over the past 8 months of this year.  You can’t tell me you’re not worried about the world to some degree.  I won’t believe you.

So I’ve been making an effort.  To sit with my dogs, play with them, read ‘regular’ books, have conversations (even if with strangers), put myself ‘out there’, learn things I don’t understand, and say what I mean.  And it’s taken some pressure off which I like.  I don’t feel the same burdens that I used to.  Occasionally I’ll yearn or get mad that I didn’t know about x, wasn’t invited to y….but it’s rare and slowly making it’s way out of my life.  And it’s fine.

dog photo

One of my biggest joys, Max


So there it is.  My status. What I’ve been doing.  Sans ‘chit chat’ (I HAAAAAATE that phrase) and without any frills.

I’d love to know what  you’re doing, what you’re up to? Anything profound or miniscule going on in your world?  Tell me about it.  I”m around!

Thanks for reading.  I appreciate you.



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