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Back in ‘the day’, I wore watches.  Not a ton, but I would wear them.  Over the years, I have acquired and kept several of my favorites.  For the past 2 years, I’ve gone back to my roots and worn Swatch Watches (and will continue to love them dearly).   But honestly, what happened to the ‘art’ of watch-wearing?  I see people walking around with ‘smart’ watches-but to be honest they don’t appeal to me.  I have a ‘fitness’ device that seems to not be so important to me lately (that’s going to change-stay tuned for that), but other than looking at that occasionally for the time, I don’t find myself reaching for my watches so much.  Monthly Watch Club is a subscription service that aims to revive the ‘art’ of watch wearing.  In my opinion, this could truly be the perfect gift idea for so many people on your holiday lists.   I received a watch from Monthly Watch Club and have been enjoying it for several weeks-I’d like to share my thoughts on the idea and the actual product.

The premise is just like any other subscription based service.  Pay a $$ amount per month, receive a custom made watch.  Subscribe to the plan that ‘works’ for your budget, the watch is shipped on the 1st of every month, and behold, a watch wardrobe is born!  Easy-peazy.  Male & Female  options are offered but to be honest, when browsing the site, I found myself gravitating towards both.

Subscription service not for you? No problem, Monthly Watch Club also offers one time purchasing for watches that may have been ‘missed’ or for the commitment-phobe (nothing wrong with dipping a toe in). Monthly Watch Club also has an Accessories section on the site-that was the interesting part to me.  I like the way you can ‘stack’ your watch with different bracelets-because I am more ‘simple-minded’ when it comes to accessories.  I wouldn’t have thought of that.

The Monthly Watch Club Watch I received

The watch I received is the October 2017 ‘Female’ Watch.  Monthly Watch Club-October 2017


I absolutely love the look and feel of this watch.  It’s sleek and fashionable without being too much, which is absolutely perfect for me.  It’s comfortable on my wrist and I don’t have to squint when trying to read the time (as I age, this gets more and more important to me). The rose gold around the edge is a nice touch-and even though I don’t tend to wear these types of colors in clothing, I find that this watch truly goes with everything!

Wearing the watch:

I am now adding another ‘piece’ to my current left wrist lineup-right now, I wear a jade bracelet, my fitness device (that I really need to pay more attention to) and occasionally, a small selection of Alex & Ani and/or Pandora bracelets.  This watch does require some arm ‘real-estate’ but it blends in nicely with my current selection of mostly sterling silver arm candy.

Would I purchase a subscription service?

For myself? Honestly I need more time to wear this watch, get used to it and make it  part of my routine (you know, sort of like the fitness device I keep referring to).  In terms of quality, it’s a great timepiece-as well as being fashionable and relevant.  The subscription price points are reasonable (subscriptions start at $39.99 CAD/month).

Where I think Monthly Watch Club will succeed is in the area of gifting.  Off the top of my head, I can think of at least 2 people I would purchase this for. Mainly because it’s a ‘new’ idea and something that I know people would actually USE.  I don’t think I know any watch collectors in my social circles (and if you’re reading this, please identify yourself), although I probably should count myself with the Swatch Watches and the Toy Watch that I currently have.  Also-shipping is reasonable….check out my FAQ link below AND Monthly Watch Club ships internationally, which is important for me since most of my family lives in other countries!


If you want to learn more about Monthly Watch Club


FAQ section (very thorough-I suggest you look here as well)





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