Holiday Gifting-Cozy gift tote

This isn’t breaking news. I’m not doing a holiday gift guide this year!  There are so many reasons for this which I won’t get into here but basically, my budget this year won’t allow for me to be dropping big dollars $$$ on gifts (not that I don’t want to). I’ve recently been doing some volunteer social media/marketing work with my church and the Parish Administrator there recently had a birthday.  Instead of getting her a gift card or candy, I decided to put together items that she could use for a ‘cozy’ night in.   It is absolutely frigid here in Ontario and I thought she may enjoy and use these!  I had a lot of fun wrapping each item and giving a little explanation of why I included the item. I put it all in a tote bag and voila, the Holiday Gifting-Cozy gift tote was born!

A cozy spa robe is one of the cornerstones of a cozy evening.  One of the best feelings ever is to come in from a cold night, draw a bath, and then slip into a robe.  This one is a GREAT price.


Prior to slipping into the robe, a hot bath is absolutely wonderful.  I love a good bath bomb, but in the colder months, I like something that is more moisturizing, such as the LiveClean Spa Therapy Moisturizing Foam Bath.


Next up? A hydrating body butter to lock in all the moisture from the bath. This particular body butter contains aloe, shea butter, and beeswax.

body butter

Because sitting in the bath can be boring, I also included a great book.  For this particular person, I chose a more appropriately themed book, but to be honest, if anyone is questioning the existence of God, this is worth a read.


Not into ‘deep’ books that are factually based?  How about a word search?


After taking a hot bath, and moisturizing, slip into these fuzzy socks.  These will lock that butter right into place.  These are fuzzy AND cute.

cozy socks

A cozy night isn’t complete without some hot tea and a cheeky mug.  Check out my picks for both.



Tea-I love love LOVE hot tea on a cold day.  If I’m feeling extra sassy, I may add some spirits.  For the purposes of this post, I’ll keep it herbal.


I can’t forget about the tote-tote bags are great because they are multi-purpose.  I really don’t know anyone who can’t use (or regift) a tote bag.

tote bag

And there you have it….my cozy gift tote.  I had a lot of fun putting this together and even more fun wrapping everything individually.  This certainly beats a giftcard!  How do you make gifts more ‘personal’?

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