Review: MAC Fix+ Prep & Prime-Lavender

It has been a cold winter in Toronto.  I’ve grown accustomed to the fact that winter continues on into what I would typically call ‘spring’ -March.  If you have read any of my skincare or makeup posts, you will know that I have oily skin; I’m moving into the ‘mature’ skin category (as defined by the makeup community).  During the work week, I have a 20 minute walk from the train station to my office.  That’s fine on a mild day, but during these frigid times-it’s a bit daunting.  I bundle up and cover my face as much as I can, but some of my face is still exposed to the elements.  I find my skin feeling quite parched these days.  I wear a ‘full face’ of makeup to work and am not a fan of having to lug all the makeup in for touch-ups (although matte translucent powder and blotting papers are ALWAYS in my bag).  What’s really working for me these days is MAC Fix+ Prep & Prime Lavender.

mac fix+ lavender

Fix+ is not new, I know.  The Lavender version is newer-but again, not ‘new-new.’  There are so many ways to use this product. I love the versatility.  I use this for several purposes:

  • To ‘prep & prime’ my skin after going through my morning skincare routine (read:  after moisturizing but before foundation application).
  • To ‘set’ my foundation layer and take away some of the thickness. Fix + has an amazing ability to ‘refresh’ and take away the ‘You’re-wearing-foundation’ look.
  • To ‘refresh’ my makeup throughout the day. As my oils start to come through my foundation, I will blot my T-zone and then spritz my face to refresh my skin and ‘pull my face together.’

I’ve used the ‘regular’ version of Fix+ for other reasons-most of the time, I will use it to intensify an eyeshadow.  It’s not scented so it works great for that.  Just spritz on an eyeshadow brush and away you go.  This Lavender version I find better for the ‘purposes’ described above. I love the scent too.  It’s not the most budget friendly product (it’s $30.00CAD) but I use it everyday and that’s how I justify the cost (If I’m using it, I’m okay with that).  These ‘scented’ versions of MAC Fix+ Prep & Prime come in several fragrances besides Lavender: Rose & Coconut.




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