Avon for Jewelry?

I’m on the fence about Avon.  There are some MUST have items -including Skin So Soft (best bug repellent) and the occasional eye cream.  In today’s ‘I want it now’ mentality, it can be hard to wait over a week for something to arrive.  Going through a representative or consultant seems so 90’s as well (Avon does offer an online option though).   After my latest purchase from Avon, I can answer the ‘Avon for Jewelry?’ question with a resounding ‘YES!’-especially if you are a fan of sterling silver jewelry.

Avon has been known for its costume jewelry-I remember owning several pieces when I was younger (anyone else have the animal pins with the solid cologne inside? Wish I had kept those) and have purchased some pieces over the years that I still have.  Costume Jewelry is interesting because it can be made very cheaply or be very pricey. Either way, if it’s taken care of properly, it can last and ‘prove’ its value.  So I was pleasantly surprised to see Sterling Silver .925 offered in the Avon campaigns.

I’ve been wearing Sterling Silver, White Gold, and Platinum for years now-and am glad that it’s still ‘a thing’ because yellow gold doesn’t look that great against my very fair skin.  I don’t tend to wear ‘large’ pieces of jewelry-so items like statement necklaces and bracelets are lost on me in my ‘everyday.’   I can rock a big piece for an event, but my Monday-Friday is quite simple.

Browsing through the latest campaign, I saw the Sterling Silver Constant Love Ring.  I have been admiring a similar style ring worn by one of my coworkers (in yellow gold and sans stone).  The price was right so I grabbed it (I believe it was either $24.99 or $29.99 CAD). I received it yesterday and I just love it.  Take a look at my photos below.

Avon is now entering campaign 5, and while I don’t see this particular ring, they are offering up to 50% off on their Sterling Silver .925 Jewelry.  There are some great pieces to look at here including a Sterling & Abalone leaf collection (I’m eyeing the earrings, and the ring) as well as a Knot ring, and a Sterling Silver & Marcasite collection.  These are great pieces that are quality and will last. So if you’re still wondering, ‘Avon for Jewelry?’ , then the answer is YES!

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