Review: Lancôme Énergie De Vie Pearly Lotion

That’s a mouthful isn’t it?  Last year, I received a deluxe sample of this from Myles Sexton.  It sat in it’s box for several months before I thought-hey it’s winter, I should try this. I am SO glad I did.  I flew through the sample (which lasted me several weeks) and purchased a full size recently.  Keep reading for my Review: Lancôme Énergie De Vie Pearly Lotion Energizing & Hydrating Facial Essence.

What I’m about to write is NOT meant to sound uppity or snooty.  I typically do not use ‘fluffy’ skincare.  By ‘fluffy’, I mean products that look pretty and may feel nice but offer little to no results.  Many of my skincare items are ‘treatments’ or ‘targeted’ for a certain issue or concern.  That leaves out much of the skincare available at the drugstore or department stores, and even Sephora.  I spend a lot of time (probably too much time) researching skincare and ingredients and looking at efficacy studies because I care about what goes on my face.

I was attracted to this product after using it.  If you don’t know, I have combination skin-a very oily T-zone with normal-dry skin everywhere else.  This winter in Ontario (which is still hanging in like a champ) has been extremely cold.  There have been many days that I have worn a scarf around my face because the air is so cold it stings.  Even with the scarf, and all the moisturizer in the world, my face in my ‘normal’ areas, has been leaning more dry.  It’s uncomfortable.  This product adds an extra ‘boost’ of hydration to my skin and assists in products applied after it penetrating deeper into my skin.

From the website:

Inspired by Korean skin care routines, this highly effective essence acts as a moisture magnet while relieving dullness and revitalizing skin.

Formulated with lemon balm, ginseng, cranberry, and Vitamin E, this essence immediately leaves skin feeling comfortable and nourished. The unique texture of oil droplets suspended in water fuels your skin with bursts of hydration. Its anti-fatigue formula provides 24-hour hydration while replumping and revitalizing the skin for an instantly glowing complexion. In 1 week, skin looks healthier.

Why add an essence to your routine? Essences provide an added layer of hydration to the skin after cleansing. For optimal results, use the Pearly Essence before Lancôme’s Advanced Génifique to boost the efficaciousnes of your serum.

How to use:

I actually looked at the Lancôme website for information on how to use this product.  Directions state to use a cotton pad or fingertips and to massage into the skin until fully absorbed.  I use my fingertips, mainly because at $61 CAD, a cotton pad soaks up much of the product. This product can be used day or night and is to be used after cleansing/removing makeup.  When I apply it, I let it absorb for about a minute before moving onto the next step in my routine.  This product is an essence, so it’s a ‘thicker’ liquid.  Pro tip: Shake the bottle before using.

Do I like it? 

I really do like this product.  I think the claim of having healthier looking skin in 1 week is a bit ‘much’ but in my case, my skin definitely looks and feels better.   As the weather changes (if the weather gets warmer perhaps, because I am completely over the cold temps), I’ll be interested to see if my skin still loves this like it does now.

Will I buy it again?

Honestly….it’s going to take me a while to go through the full size.   It’s 200ml and the amount of product used is minimal.  If I was out of the product right now, yes I’d get another.  I would definitely recommend sampling it-it’s sold at Sephora, Lancôme counters at Department Stores, Shopper’s Drug Mart (Canada) and online.

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