Urban Decay All Nighter Pollution Protection Environmental Defense Setting Spray

Wow-that’s a title isn’t it?  It’s actually been years since I’ve used an Urban Decay Product.  I don’t suppose there’s any particular reason for it other than the fact that I have all the Naked palettes (minus the Heat one), and don’t have a particular ‘love’ from the brand. I used to be a die hard Primer Potion fan but feel like they have changed the formula, and not for the better.  Since I started my new job, I am fortunate to be surrounded by many different ‘options’ when it comes to skincare and makeup.  While I was cruising one of the larger Shoppers’ Drug Mart locations, I was walking by and saw the Urban Decay All Nighter Pollution Protection Environmental Defense Setting Spray.  The last product I did purchase from UD was the B6 Vitamin Infused Complexion Prep Priming Spray-and I loved it.  So many people didn’t care for it but for me, it helped my skin a ton in terms of a moisture boost with brightening.  I may purchase that one again and review it, so stay tuned.

UD All Nighter Pollution Protection Environmental Defense Spray

From the website:

Make your makeup last up to 16 hours AND help protect against oxidation due to pollution. All Nighter Pollution Protection mists on weightlessly to keep makeup looking just-applied, without melting, fading or settling into fine lines. Our light-as-air formula acts like a protective barrier throughout the day—to guard skin against whatever the day throws at it.

In a clinical study of All Nighter Pollution Protection:

• 90% of participants said their makeup stayed on for 16 hours.*
• 90% said the product kept their makeup looking freshly applied.*
• 96% said the formula was lightweight and breathable.**
• 90% said the product didn’t settle into fine lines after 16 hours.*

*Based on a 53-subject consumer questionnaire after 16 hours of use. **Based on a 53-subject consumer questionnaire immediately after use.

First Thoughts & Application:

I was surprised at the ‘study’ conducted-and I would love to take a look at the 90% of participants that had 16 hour makeup.  I will never be able to test that study-the longest I have worn makeup (continuously) is 12-14 hours.  I’d also be curious to know what 16 hour makeup looks like AND how they define ‘makeup staying on.’

That being said, application is as simple as misting the face.  UD recommends holding 8-10″ away from the face, spraying in a ‘T” and then in an “X” formation on the face.  Pretty standard in terms of application.  They also mention not to spray in the eyes and to close them (sigh-yes it’s 2018 and that disclaimer has to be written).  They also say if you want extra staying power on your eye makeup to wet your brush with the setting spray prior to applying the eye makeup.

The spray has a slight ‘spicy’ smell but it dissipates quickly.  It’s a fine mist.  After application, it feels like the face has truly ‘set’ which was interesting.  Almost like spraying ‘quick dry’ on the nails’-for the face.

After application, looking in the mirror, my face looks like I did when I applied my makeup.  This is not a spray for those who want a ‘dewy’ or ‘natural’ finish.  If your desired results are that your makeup looks like it does when you put it on, use this.  I’d be wary of the amount of powder that is used too.  I normally ‘set’ my T-zone with powder, and found that when I used this spray, it looked ‘heavy’-not cakey, but if you were 4 inches away, you’d be able to see that I set with powder.

After a full day’s wear:

I have combination skin with an incredibly oily T-zone.  After using this spray, my face requires a midday blot in the T-zone, there’s no getting around it (this would be at the 5.5 hour mark).   When I do that, my oils do absorb onto my paper, but the makeup stays in place.  I don’t touch up (maybe I should start doing that?) or powder again.  After the workday is through, I do find that most of the makeup in my T-zone has worn off; That happens with nearly 99% of the makeup I wear.

Would I buy it again?

I don’t see myself buying this again. It’s expensive at $40 CAD and functions like most setting sprays that you can get at a lower price point.  I didn’t notice any additional ‘environmental protection’ benefits, although I’m not sure that I would know what that looks like to point out.  If you are a huge UD fan and like their setting sprays, go for it.  If not, I’d pass on this one.


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