I took Coty Airspun Powder for granted (and regret it)-it’s still fantastic!

*No one sent this to me or gave me any money to write about it. Just thought you should know.*


One of my neighbors (neighbours if you’re Canadian) throws 2 parties a year. A summer BBQ and a Christmas party. Since it’s not Christmas yet (although most retail stores have their displays set up already), I’m going to mention the summer BBQ. Surprisingly or not if you know me, this is not going to be about the food, but about the attendees, which are mostly other neighbors. I’ve seen this one woman at both parties before but never had too much time to talk to her. This time, she sat next to me and we had some wonderful conversation. I couldn’t help but notice that she was wearing one of those ‘blurring’ powders –and I noticed it because it had a lot of different ‘reflective’ type particles on it. Having been in the beauty world for so many years, I noticed right away. I was tempted to ask her what powder it was, but didn’t have the opportunity because there were too many people around. Honestly, it was the perfect powder to be photographed in. Yes, I’ll definitely be asking her at the Christmas party.

So that got me thinking about powders in general and I went through the products I had. I found that a lot of them just seemed so heavy and cakey. While I like the effect of the powder, I didn’t like the ‘ghost’ I became after putting them on. I had been looking into blurring powders (I used to use the NARS light reflecting setting powder but threw it out recently. I had hit pan on it.). I am really trying to avoid buying any cosmetic item and am focusing on repurposing items or combining items to use up.

I dug into my back-up box and came across a ‘new’ container of Coty Airspun powder that I had purchased during one of my trips to the U.S. I thought, ‘why not?’ –couldn’t be any worse than these other powders.




Upon opening, that familiar scent-some describe it as baby powder, but I don’t get that at all. I can remember that my mother and my grandmother both had this at some point in their lives. They haven’t changed the design on the top of the container. I only use this to set my makeup and I use a tiny amount. It has a powder puff and a sifter, I tend to tap a bit into the lid and use a brush to swipe it on. I absolutely love the NON-CAKEY and NON GHOST effect. It holds for most of the day on me (I have an oily t-zone).

I googled this product and saw so many reviews from Beauty Guru’s and on review sites. There’s a mixed bag, but most of the reviews lean positive. The scent can be too much for some AND this product does contain talc which can be irritating. Some were also not a fan of the container, which I happen to like (probably more nostalgia then anything for me).

I love when I rediscover a product and Coty Airspun Powder is no exception. It really works for me and I’m excited to dig in and use this up! Happy setting everyone! If I thought anyone from Coty would read this, I would pen an apology to them which would read something like this:

Dear Coty Airspun Setting Powder,

I am writing to you to deeply and humbly apologize for neglecting you over the years and passing you by the ‘latest and greatest’ setting powder that was marketed to me. You have been faithful to myself and many, providing just the right amount of powder and blend to perfection on so many faces. You stay on my face for hours, and don’t make me look cakey.

I regret not taking you more seriously and promise to use you faithfully as you haven’t let me down! I’m hoping you will accept my apology, as I am being sincere and have rediscovered your value. Please don’t ever change.






So that’s one beauty problem solved –well, for me anyway. I’m glad-setting powder has always been a challenge for me and with my combination skin, it’s a necessity.

What’s your go-to powder? Let me know in the comments below……or keep it to yourself if you’re selfish.


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