Items I’m thinking about from the Avon Catalog-Campaign 23 & 24 (just a sneak peek of 24)

*no one paid me to say anything about this and I haven’t bought these items-yet. If I do, it will be with my own funds*

I go back and forth with my feelings about Avon….in today’s ‘now’ generation, it’s not exactly convenient to wait for things. That sounds entitled because it is. Maybe I should be ashamed of myself-and maybe I am. Regardless, there are some things that Avon just does well. My local representative dropped off the latest campaign (and I took a sneak peek of the next one) and as I thumb through, here are some items I am keeping my eye on.

I am also going to mention that it is important to support your local rep-this is a business for him/her, and I’m all for boosting and elevating individuals, so I’ll be patient and wait for the items.

Velvet perfume: Rich with possibilities…indulge in the bold sensuality of Velvet. Lush, warm and decadent. Let your feelings unfold.

The premium bottle topped with a velvet cap sets the stage for a most decadent experience. When sprayed, you’ll discover a luxurious blend of the finest ingredients in the world—fig and pomegranate from the Mediterranean coastline, rose from Bulgaria and velvet patchouli from Java. These exotic ingredients create an elegant, long-lasting fragrance that captivates with its addictive femininity. 1.7 fl. oz.

• Top Note: Luscious fig
• Middle Note: Sumptuous Rose
• Bottom Note: Warm Patchouli

One thing I do like about the Avon Campaign ‘books’ is that little ‘Rub Wrist Here’ scent circle that allows you to try the fragrance on your skin. I do like this-and noticed that there is a purse spray option, which is something I gravitate towards, especially if I do not want to purchase the full size.

Anew Clinical Eyelash Serum:

Avon introduced this recently and I am VERY curious. I am a fan of products like latisse and eye envy, mainly because they work. I do not care for the price point-and for my fellow budget conscious friends, this could be an option. Stay tuned for my full review (after purchasing, of course).

I’m also seriously excited to see the next Campaign (#24) -which has a lot of retro Avon ads in it. Many of the items have ‘inspired’ packaging based on these retro ads and I am SO HERE for it. I’ll definitely be shopping for gifts. Does anyone else go ga-ga over packaging like I do? Those lipstick cases are just beautiful!

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