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no one has paid me or gifted me (bribed) to say any of what is below.

I have been following Lindsey a.k.a. Lady & The Truck for some time.  I originally stumbled upon her on Youtube back when I was still making videos.  She is one of the few people that I actually still follow/listen to/watch.  Yes, she does drive an 18-wheeler, that’s her job.

Lindsay is mostly beauty-reviews, demos, tutorials, opinions; there’s a smattering of ‘other’ items too.  I would call the ‘other’ items mostly lifestyle-purses, clothing try-ons, and the occasionally glimpse into her life through vlogs.

There are many reasons to like Lindsey but I think the reason that she held my interest is her versatility.  I originally followed her because she and I have something in common-a love of makeup & skincare and the beauty industry.  But lately I’ve been finding that I am following her more for her audible book reviews and her opinion videos.  Since she spends much of her time on the road, she listens to books.  I like her reviews because she gives more than a ‘Oh I loved this book’ perspective but isn’t a book review snob to the point where you can’t understand her points.  Her latest recommended reading video is below-and it was significant to me because Lindsey didn’t like ANY of the books she read!

Another of my favorite video series from Lindsey that I like are her mascara reviews.  Mascara is INCREDIBLY subjective but I feel that she gives a great picture of what to expect about a product.  The before & afters are especially telling.  Here is one of my favorites:

She’s also humble.  If something doesn’t work for her, she tells you.  She has opinions, she tells you.  She doesn’t agree, she tells you.  I like that.  It’s genuine, it’s authentic. AND SHE ANSWERS WHEN YOU COMMENT!!!

Highly recommend Lindsey-give her a listen for all around great content!

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